'Earning a living as a blogger'

Proof Read For Errors Before Publishing!

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'Earning A Living As A Blogger'

The best writers proof read for any errors.


I love writing. It gives me the chance to create something new. There's one thing I always do before I press the 'PUBLISH' button and that is to proof read for any grammatical errors. In this third installment of 'Earning a living as a blogger', I'd like to focus on spelling mistakes and other little hiccups that can ruin your chances of attracting new followers. Upon visiting a page, the viewer expects to see proper spelling, punctuation, paragraphs and media that are presented in a professional manner.

Truth is, it can happen to the best of us, including me. I've had to go back once or twice to correct an error. The best thing to do is to proof read very carefully once your post is finished. Sometimes when you're typing, your fingers might slip and press the wrong letter without you even noticing. Proof reading will help you find these errors and fix them.

Sometimes, there can be extra spacing between words or letters, again because we're typing on a keyboard. Look for that as well. Also, is there a period missing at the end of any sentence? Get in the habit of proof reading before publishing. Doing it twice doesn't hurt either. It only shows your devotion to your work.

I have seen instances where even a banner image had misspelled words over them. Maybe you've seen that too the odd time here and there. Yes, mistakes happen but when they don't remove and replace with a correct image, it simply doesn't look right. It's happened to me recently that I'd created a banner while I was in a hurry only to realize when I uploaded it, there was a spelling mistake on it, staring straight at me.

Because I proof read a second time, I caught the error and discarded the original image, created a new identical banner, this time with corrected words on it. Even if an error gets past you somehow and you only notice it some time after publishing, it only takes a few seconds to go into editing mode and solve the issue. 

If you're reading this article, then you're interested in monetizing your posts and hopefully make some money. Creating posts that are free of any spelling errors give any writer that extra edge and should help your subscriber base grow. Your ads will stand out when embedded in a post that is clean, well written and organized.

Your monetized posts are meant to keep working for you long after you've published them. That's why it's so important to fix any issues right away. I recommend to proof read and proof read again before you press the 'Publish' button. That's what I'll have done before publishing this post!

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Peace and love to everyone.


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