'Earning a living as a blogger'

Earning A Living As A Blogger

I'm not quite there yet but I'm working hard to earn some decent coin as a writer / blogger. One of the best ways to earn those coins is to monetize my posts. Once published, each of my posts are 'out there', not just to PublishOx'ers but also to the rest of the world. They'll never get seen though, if I don't use and place keywords / tags strategically in my posts in order to increase 'search engine optimization' that helps search engines find my posts / pages.

See my previous post: Keywords: A powerful tool for bloggers.

As for monetizing my articles, simply embedding sponsor links within my posts could generate some money. PublishOx's Ambassador Program encourages members to promote the site and earn more tokens as an affiliate. All PublishOx'ers can be an Ambassador, whether you're a writer or a reader. You can place links in your Facebook or Twitter feed inviting friends to join PublishOx. Below is my Ambassador link in the form of a banner ad.


PublishOx - Earn crypto for blogging


If someone from outside PublishOx sees this ad, then clicks and joins as a new member, I'll begin earning 5% of every tip they give out. This is an excellent way to not only earn extra coin but it also helps PublishOx grow and together we grow stronger. I also have sponsor links near the bottom of this post.

Probably the best way to find a sponsor is to join an affiliate marketing site. ShareASale is a great site to find merchants to connect with. There are some big names like GreenWorks and Money Metals Exchange. If your application to become an affiliate with a merchant is accepted, you can then begin to place their banner ads and links into your posts.

If a visitor clicks an ad and follows through and makes a qualifying purchase, then you could earn a high percentage as compensation. Often they have promotions like free shipping, big discounts and coupons (see below) to entice customers. Other times, you might earn a bonus just for reaching a certain quota.

It works well for merchants too. Many independent sites can't afford to advertise on platforms like Google. ShareASale helps merchants connect with advertisers and only pay when an actual sale or membership signup occurs, making ShareASale a cheaper alternative.

ShareASale - An affiliate marketing platform

At present, I've only become affiliated with two merchants, including ShareASale. I've been a member going back 10 years so they have a very good reputation. The second merchant I'm now affiliated with is 'Fire Maple Gear'. Cook in the great outdoors with one of their inexpensive cook stoves and other neat products. I like to spend time outdoors and thought they'd make a great fit to add in some of my articles. Below their image, you'll find a 5% off coupon link.

Fire Maple Gear

Use code [FM5] to get 5% OFF for your first order

It takes time to build affiliate relationships but they can really pay off and it's a great way to add some colorful splash to your posts. Monetizing your posts is an excellent way to increase your earning and a chance at making a decent living as a writer.

I love writing on PublishOx and started my fourth year as a member just last month. The tips are always appreciated but let's face it, we're not getting rich from it. Give ShareASale a try and hopefully make some extra dough. Be sure to find merchants that fit your style. You only need a few and they can be quite lucrative indeed.

Let me know if you need any help with installing your affiliate links within your posts.

Thanks for your support and best of luck monetizing your posts.


Follow my brand new Series, ' Earning A Living As A Blogger'. Stay tuned for more episodes!

Chapter 2: Inserting HTML Affiliate Links.

Chapter 3: Insert coupons as 'freebies'.

Chapter 4: Proof read for errors before publishing.


Thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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