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Did you know that silver is a precious metal, right up there with gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. These 5 metals make up the precious metals group. Silver is not only a monetary metal but but is also an industrial metal. It is used in solar panels, cell phones, TVs, computers, tablets and in the photography sector. Electric vehicles have started to swallow up a big chunk of silver supply. Altogether, industry is gobbling up silver at an increasing rate while supply has begun to dwindle.

There aren't too many primary silver mines out there anymore. Over many centuries, the easiest (top layer) deposits have already been mined. Most silver is produced as a bi-production of lead and zinc mining. Production of silver is down 7% year over year in China alone. Mexico's silver production is down 5% y/o/y. Peru's silver production has gone down a whopping 12% in the last year, while silver demand is increasing. This implies stronger fundamentals for the dollar price of silver going forward.

To relieve stress on our power grids, expect to see solar powered charging stations popping up everywhere for electric vehicles, bikes and trikes. As the EV sector grows, you'll see solar panels incorporated into new vehicles. Many homes and businesses have already converted to solar power. I installed three 100 Watt solar panels on the rooftop of my shed and connected to a deep cycle battery, which in turn is connected to a 3,000 Watt inverter. I've used it to power a sump pump, mitre saw and charging up my battery operated tools and portable battery banks I then use to charge my cell phone.

Going green has meant that demand for industrial silver has shot up through the roof. With inflation picking up 1970s style, silver can be considered an excellent hedge against that nasty inflation. This spring, the US Mint temporarily halted production due to shortages. Personally, I expect to see more of this in the future as investment demand picks up.

Investment demand is expected to increase by 32% this year, a 6 year high with 263 million ounces. In the last few days, silver dropped more than a dollar per ounce and signals a strong buy. The dollar value of silver can fluctuate violently at times but always remember that an ounce will always remain an ounce, no matter the dollar value.

It's no secret that the dollar has now lost about 99.3% of its purchasing power since its inception in 1913. While the mainstream pundits say inflation is about 4 to 5%, in reality is closer to 13 to 15%. That's downright scary. $100 in the bank today might only be worth $85 a month from now. What about the month after that. Leaving your money sit in the bank doing nothing is not a wise plan in this inflationary environment. It would be safe to park your hard earned cash elsewhere and keep it safe.

That's why I believe silver is a great place to park some of your wealth. The dip in the price of silver in the last couple of days presents an excellent opportunity to get in at a lower rate. With all the world's currencies going down (see Turkey's Lira), pushing silver (and gold) to record highs in just about every corner of the world, owning a bit of silver will protect your purchasing power going forward.

A good starting point is OwnX. This site allows you to purchase precious metals by connecting directly to your bank account. You can then set up one-time or recurring payments. I'm personally making small monthly transactions of $50 CDN. Just in the last 5 months, I've accumulated 8.359 ounces of silver. I don't even notice the deduction from my bank account as the amount is so small.

I've been with OwnX a few years and had a few deliveries to my mailbox without any problems. I recommend OwnX for your silver and other precious metals needs. Support my blog by clicking the link below to get started.

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