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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 11 May 2022

In today’s video, we’ll be talking about The Crypto Prophecies.   

You probably heard about it before since it’s an NFT game that has actually been around for a year now.    

But today, I’m excited to share with you its recent updates including their recently gamefi released Play to earn mode called Battle the Oracle – where you can play for FREE 50 games every day and win magic potions token. No need to buy NFTs. 

Want to know more about this unique game? Then stay tuned! 



The Crypto Prophecies is an exciting fast-paced NFT price prediction game with real-time PVP and PVE battles.    

The core gameplay involves recognizing trading candlestick patterns, a live feed direct from Binance  BTC/USDT pair.    



Here in The Crypto Prophecies, there are different NFTs. Crypto Prophets which are the characters in the game and the magic items – both have different rarity tiers.   

Ranging from Common to Founders, each tier provides an additional benefit or utility when used in the game. 


Ancient Kingdom  

Crypto Prophets are the cute collectible characters in-game that can wield magical items to gain an advantage over opponents in battle. They also earn daily prize draw tickets for every battle. The higher the rarity tier, the more tickets you get.   

Crypto Prophets can only wield items from the same magic school; Satoshians wield fire magic, Etherians use nature magic, Tezmanians use arcane magic and Ripptilians wield the magic of telekinesis. 


Army of Chaos Apeiron  

Magic staffs are the primary attacking weapon for your Crypto Prophets – it blinds your opponents from the chart, while Capes are defensive items that help your Crypto Prophet defend itself from attacking spells.   

Wand stops your opponent from making predictions and pets both blind and prevents predictions from your opponent.   

All NFT Crypto Prophets, Magic Items, and the in-game standard characters and items use a Magic Capacity Management system to allow players to strategically choose how to utilize spell casting in battles. 


SpiritCore NFT A  

Each Crypto Prophet rarity tier has a Magic Capacity and each Magic Item has a Magic Cost.   

This is where you’ll need to choose Magic Items wisely to match your playing style. Players can create any combination within their character’s Magic Capacity.   

These NFTs are listed on OpenSea and NFTrade and you can check out all their NFTs via TCP World Character and inventory.  


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  


The Crypto Prophecies has all the skills of quick action wager games pitted against real-time strategic decision making, as you outwit your opponent with attack and defense choices using NFT magic items.   

Let’s talk about their PVP Battle Arena first.    

To get started here, you simply have to connect your  Metamask wallet and create your Crypto Prophecies account and in-game wallet. Then you need to purchase TCP Tokens which you will use as a wager as you battle opponents in the PVP Mode.  


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  

Here in the game, Players must predict the outcome of each trading candlestick, will it close up (green) or down (red). ‍ 

Fast predictions within the 10-second rounds will score high points.   

Score the most points over 10 rounds to beat your opponent and earn TCP tokens that can be used on higher wager levels or spent in the shop to gain an advantage from higher rarity characters and magic items. 

Attack and defend against your opponent by hitting the magic item buttons to cast spells. 


DOM Token GOLD Token  

Spells can be cast during battle to hinder the opponents’ chances by reducing their visibility of the trading candlesticks or removing their ability to predict entirely for a set amount of time.   

Players also earn tickets for the Daily Prize Draw for every PVP game played. A player’s Crypto Prophet rarity tier determines the multiplier for tickets issued for every win in the PVP Battle Arena.  


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  

PVP is quite the harder mode so if you want to train first, well the good news is, you can play the PVE Mode for FREE.  

Yeap, as I mentioned in the intro, you can battle the oracle with the free Crypto Prophet characters and Magic Items to earn MPOT tokens.  Free-to-earn with no NFT purchase necessary.    

Same with the PVP Mode, you simply have to click play now then connect your Metamask wallet.


Ancient Kingdom NFT  

Once you have your Crypto Prophecies Account then you can head to the battle the oracle page from the lobby.   

Enter the Battle Arena for FREE with your standard Crypto Prophet by selecting PLAY NOW under Daily Challenge to start earning MPOT.  

Earn increasing amounts of MPOT tokens as you battle through the Oracle’s 20+ levels in the Battle Arena. For every level you beat, your winnings multiplier goes up, meaning the more you play, the more you can earn.   

As you reach the higher levels of the Battle the Oracle game mode a wager multiplier kicks in, giving you bonus tokens when you win a battle.  

Gain your MPOT earnings every day by winning your 50x daily free games against the Oracle. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap  


Now, let’s talk about the different tokens in the crypto prophecies.   

First, we have The TCP token – a fungible token using the ERC20 token standard and its powers  the entire ecosystem while bringing the following key  utilities to the game and players:   

  • To wager in PvP game modes.
  • To purchase NFT characters, items, and ancillaries.
  • As a prize in the daily probabilistic draws.
  • To gain access to special events and tournaments.
  • Ecosystem governance and voting rights. 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale  

Next, is the BTCP Token or the Crypto Prophecies’ bonus token that allows them to reward players in new and exciting ways.   

BTCP only has in-game utility and is not available for purchase or trading on any exchanges.   

And last but not the least, the MPOT Token whose primarily utility is for summoning Crypto Prophets and Magical Items, or upgrading them through a Burn Spell.   

If you want more information about these tokens, their token distribution model, and where to buy them you can just head to 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box  


The Crypto Prophecies is the brainchild of Paul Lindsell and Philipe Comini, who really wanted to create something fresh and innovative within the crypto- and NFT-gaming space. 

Paul Lindsell is a digital veteran with over 20 years of product design experience in Finance, FinTech, Gaming, and Blockchain. 

While Philipe Comini has Over 15 years of art direction and digital design experience in Technology, Gaming,  Advertising, and Blockchain including co-founder/CEO of an algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform and co-founder of a FinTech-Gaming focused company.   

Settling on creating a game with both a unique deflationary economy and NFTs with real and varied  in-game utility, The Crypto Prophecies was born. 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box  

As per their roadmap, they started the alpha build last October 2020 and from there is constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, consistent, and fun ways for players and the community to make money through gaming.   

And did I mention they also have a MOBILE App? Yeap, you can play this game anywhere. Mobile App Beta was released in Quarter 1 and more updates to come this year, including tournament battle mode, 2v2 team battles NFT lending battle royal and so much more.  

They are looking to introduce further innovations to The Crypto Prophecies, bringing more ways to play, more ways to win, and more ways for our players to earn. 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box  


With all the NFT games launching here and there, we’ve definitely seen many of them die down due to many circumstances.    

Even the team behind the Crypto Prophecies admitted their early days were not without challenges.    

And although they were faced with early team changes that significantly impacted launch timelines they were able to build a stronger and more skillful team that has done amazing work in getting  The Crypto Prophecies launched.   

And now a year later the Crypto Prophecies is still alive and improving.   


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box  

And with the update 1.5 introducing free-to-play and play-to-earn elements, I’d definitely say it’s worth a try. You can literally have free earnings in MPOT tokens when you Battle The Oracle plus it’s so easy to get started.   

If you’re not yet ready to invest in NFTs, you can still play the game with the FREE standard-tier crypto prophets and items.    

And if you love it, then you can get your very own NFT. But as we always say, trade at your own risk and invest only in what you can afford to lose.    

Thanks for reading this article! What do you think about Crypto Prophecies?  Do you love their recent updates and will you try to battle the oracle? Let us know your answers in the comments below. 


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