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Meta Rivals NFT Game Review | Free to Play | Snake

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 18 Oct 2022

Without a doubt, GameFi has been a critical driving force of crypto adoption.  In 2021, nearly 50% of the active cryptocurrencies wallet were interacting with blockchain games daily. 

But things aren’t the same now. The gamefi market has seen significant changes with the bearish crypto market.  
I'm sure some of you are wondering whether blockchain games are really sustainable.

But being aware of these present challenges, the project we'll feature today has come up with a clever solution -  ZERO entry free.  Aside from free access to the game and full ownership of NFTS, players are also allowed to claim royalties on secondary sales. Curious about it yet?  Then let's talk about this game called Meta Rivals 

Meta Rivals

Meta Rivals is a MOBA game tournament. It is actually a FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN battle Royale esports game based on blockchain technology. And unlike other projects that promise a game, but still have nothing to show yet.

Meta Rivals is now readily available. You can find it on Google Play and on the App Store. And as I've mentioned in the intro, they promise Zero Entry Fee with Insane Returns. 


Meta Rivals is based on classic, casual snake games where you move a snake-like game object around a 2D space but with a fascinating spin. It actually reminds me of the Retro Snake Game I used to play on my old NOKIA phone.  

But here, The game’s objective is to take down opponents' snakes and consume the gold bars left in their wake to gain gold points. Feeding on gems scattered around the arena elongates the length of a snake.  

Meta Snakes die whenever their heads strike another Snake's tail or an obstacle. They respawn with a 5% deduction to their gold score and return to their initial length. At the end of the game, the player with the highest gold point wins.   

The winners earn their in-game currency (M-Dollars), Trophy points, and EXP. 

Meta Rivals

To get started, you just have to create an account by providing an email address and a password then choose your character.  Here, the characters are mysterious snake-like creatures controlled by users in the arena. They have customizable colours and take the appearance of different mythical creatures. There are actually several game modes available here at Meta Rivals. 

First, there's the practice mode - where new players get to familiarize themselves with the game. In this mode, the user competes against bots in a simple game environment. Once you're confident enough, then you could advance to more challenging game modes - like the Daily Tournament.   

Here players with the first and second-highest gold points in the daily tournament ranking earn 0.3 and 0.2 M-dollars every two hours. This makes it easy to earn rewards every day. 

Meta Rivals

But don't worry if you didn't make it to the top 2, the other top 20 players still earn but lesser prizes in M-Dollars. Take note that to access the Daily Tournament, you need gold coins. These coins can either be purchased within the app or if you don't want to shell out some cash you could earn it by watching reward ads.    

Next, they also have what they call an "Instant Tournament". Here interested players need a MINIMUM of 0.1 M-Dollars to enter, it depends on which game arena you'll join. But of course,  the higher the entry fee, the higher the amount of M-Dollars and trophy points to be earned.    

Here in Instant Tournament, only the winner and the first runner-up earn M-dollars and Trophy points. And those trophy points can let the player redeem the rare NFT card.  

The last game mode available is the Private or VIP Tournament. This one is restricted to Rare Meta Card Holders only.  

Meta Rivals


Meta Cards are upgradeable game characters minted on the Polygon blockchain as NFTs.  And so, holders can trade them on any open NFT marketplace. You can think of MetaCards as NFTs representing a unique class of game characters.  

The first batch of Meta Cards has already been rolled out to early players at the BETA stage. They will be airdropping a total of 5,000 to 10,000 NFTs.

The good thing about having one is that users continue to earn from Meta NFTs even after selling them. Every time the digital asset changes hands (between a buyer and seller on a third-party NFT marketplace), the original seller gets royalties.    

Besides their worth in open marketplaces, Meta Cards have tremendous value in the game. Owners of these tokenized game assets gain an edge over opponents by upgrading their character's stats: speed, damage, and health. 

Meta Cards

For now, there are two types of Meta Cards: Common Meta Cards and Rare Meta Cards. but they say more variations will come in the future. 

The Common Meta Cards are airdropped to early users. To receive a free MetaCard, users just need to complete a series of objectives called "Airdrop Missions" at the BETA game launch.   

Completing the first task unlocks one NFT on the airdrop. Players can add more than one MetaCard at once by completing further tasks. However, the next task will be more challenging than the previous one. 

With the Rare Meta Card, holders have the option to either sell it on the open market or choose the buyback option.  Meta Rivals can buyback Player Rare Meta Cards only upon request with our set base value. For more details about it, you can check their discord channel

Meta Cards

Meta Rivals' mission is to revive the sagging interest in casual, blockchain gaming by creating a Free-for-All, engaging esports game with many earning opportunities.  

Playing it first-hand, I could say their easy mechanics and accessibility surely will spark the interest not only of blockchain gamers but traditional gamers as well.  Talk about nostalgia from the classic snake game!  

So if you're looking for a game to play, that doesn't require much time to learn and doesn't require money, to begin with. Then this game is definitely for you!  Download it now and try it for yourself. And let us know what you think about it.  

Meta Rivals expect to create more games and rewards for their community. So make sure to join their discord channel and follow them on Twitter to know more about the project. That's it for Meta Rivals! 

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