Cropbytes Starter Guide Part 1 | 7 Day FREE Trial | Feeding Animals & Growing Crops | Converting Extracts to Game Coins

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 28 Sep 2021

CropBytes is an online crypto game based on the real-world farming economy.

On my last blog, I shared with you this farmville kind of game on the blockchain and as promised, here's part 1 of the Cropbyte's comprehesive guide for beginners.

Here in this blog, we'll be covering everything you need to know to get started on cropbytes.
From a step by step tutorial on creating an account, to cropbytes basic gameplay and more.. Let's begin!

Create an Account:


First, let's create an account. If you already have one then you could just skip this part.

Sign up here and get up to 500 TRX worth in game assets or just download the cropbytes app on play store or app store and use the code 0B9B45.
Note that sign up reward will only be received once you complete the task of 9 goat feedings.



Just type in your name, email and password and then read and agree on Cropbyte's Terms of Service. Once done, click sign up.

And then you'll be asked to provide the 6 digit code sent to your email. Just copy and paste and your account is ready.

Click 'play game' to get started.



A Tour Inside Cropbytes

Now let's take a tour inside.

On the upper left you'll see the portfolio and funds:


On the wallet, you'll see your transactions, assets and this is where your deposit address and the withdraw link is.
Note that the minimum withdrawal is 100 TRX per transaction with a 25TRX withdrawal fee.

Cropbytes Wallet

Next, the ACTION Menu located on the bottom of the screen.

Cropbytes Action Menu

There's the barn that shows your inventory:

Cropbytes Inventory


SHOP where all the in game assets are listed with it's current value

Cropbytes Shop

FEED Mill where you'll grind your harvested crops

Cropbytes Game Feed Mill

EXCHANGE, where the buying and selling happens.

Cropbytes In Game Trading Exchange Platform

More info about that later.

On the upper right is the Cropbytes MAIN MENU, your one stop destination for tutorials, game settings, profile and more:

Cropbytes Main Menu Tab

Cropbytes Free Trial

You will receive a welcome gift upon signing up. FREE TRIAL ASSETS available for only 7 days that consists of 1 Cow, 1 Goat, 1 Hen, 1 Small Cropland, 3 Fruit Feed, 24 Corn Feed - enough to feed your 3 animals for 3 days, 5 Water for your crop and 5 Corn Seeds

Use these trial assets to explore cropbytes.

Cropbytes 7 Day Free Trial Pack

Now, let's learn to play.

Inside the game you'll see the Cropbytes Academy where videos and images are provided to assist you and give you more info about how to grow crops and fruits, feeding, grinding and more.

Cropbytes Academy In Game

Time to explore the farm, there are five sheds available in game.

Cropbytes Animal Shed

One for the hens, goat, cow, pig, and horse. You could move these sheds around to customize your farms look.
Inside the shed you'll find more information about your animals.

Cropbytes Cow Shed

If you click SHED you'll see your animals and their health.


Animal Feeding

Now let's talk about feeding animals.

Feed animals & get produce on Cropbytes

Note that you only need to feed them ONCE a day. Animals consume corn feed from Mon - Sat and fruit feed on SUNDAYS. 

They will produce extracts after successful feed if their health bar is 80% and above.

Animals lose -5% for each time Corn feed is missed and -10% for each time fruit feed is missed. And their recovery is slow, if you forget it then feed them the next day but only 0.5% will be added to their health bar. So you better make sure to check in daily and feed them to gain extracts.

By the way, the animals from our FREE trial only gives milk and egg but if you decide to buy other animals like horse, you could get horse hair, truffles from pigs and wool for sheeps.

Cropbytes Animal Extracts


Growing Crops

Now about how to grow crops, just go to the barn and look for your crop land, then click Place on Game.

Cropbytes Placing on Game Crop Land

And if you want to move it's location just click on the arrow cross below, tap on the empty space where you want to place it and confirm.

moving asset on Cropbytes

Click on the crop land and you'll see the seeds you can plant. Then tap again to water it.

It will be ready for harvest after 36 hours.

Step by step how to grow crop on Cropbytes

Converting Extracts to Game Coins

Now I'll show you how to convert those animal extracts we got to Game Coins.

First go to the GC place or check it on the upper left corner.

 Cropbytes Game Coin Exchange

Here select the extracts then the quantity and click convert.

Just a tip: Convert your extracts if the difficulty level is at 1 or better if below 1 so you could get higher game coins for your extracts.
Keep saving those game coins, coz' you can trade it for TRX on the in game exchange or use them as tokens on the mini games which will be available in the future and also those game coins can be used to buy assets and NFT superheroes that can help boost your farm which you can also trade for a much higher price.

Well that's about it for the FREE Trial Tutorial. But remember, that those trial assets are only available for 7 days, once it's done only the extracts and crops you got will remain.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Watch this blog in video format at my channel!

Create your account here to get up to 500 TRX worth of assets:
Code: 0B9B45

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