Three Men, One Goal, Our Future
Three Men, One Goal, Our Future

Like the entire cryptocurrency market Anon-coin Monero has appreciated in value and is ahead of the pack as the top ten in terms of gains and thanks to programmer John McAfee and Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong Monero is only the beginning in a fierce new year resolution goal to push privacy coins (i.e. Anon-coins; Anonymous coins, Privacy coins) into mainstream adoption.

''I believe we'll eventually see a privacy coin or blockchain with built in privacy features get mainstream adoption in the 2020s.'' Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong

CMC Monero Chart

The chart above shows Monero 1 day history. Many are comparing Brian Armstrong Coinbase CEO, comments and strong support of privacy coins to programmer John McAfee in a recent Jan 5, 2020 twitter post expressing his sentiments about Bitcoin and why privacy coins will eventually turn Bitcoin technology into ancient history.

It seems the support from John McAfee and Brian Armstrong has inspired the cryptocurrency community because one day later Tron CEO Justin Sun took to twitter invoking name suggestions for a new TRX based privacy coin.

Just before the new years Justin Sun updated the Tron community about the new Zcash blockchain privacy protocols and features which in beta testing on the Tron network which will be implemented into the Tron blockchain including zk-SNARKS, Transaction Shields and Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

1. Tron Privacy Protocol (1/5)

2. Tron Privacy Protocol (2/5)

3. Tron Privacy Protocol (3/5)

4. Tron Privacy Protocol (4/5)

5. Tron Privacy Protocol (5/5)

The Tron CEO later announced that while the new privacy features will be implemented in the Tron network, it will not be integrated with the existing coins on the network which includes TRON and BitTorrent but will fully integrated with newly minted coins on the network.


''Existing tokens such as $TRX, $BTT and $WIN will not be able to incorporate this feature, and their transaction ledgers will continue to be public.'' Tron CEO Justin Sun


It's not entirely clear how this will sit with regulators and compliance officials but for now us in the crypto community can be proud to have such influential figures whom are fighting for our dreams of financial freedom and complete control over our privacy. I would like to see other popular blockchains adopt privacy protocols because it would at least mean when have a choice when it comes to how we choose to spend our money and what we the consumers determine what is private and what is not, especially in regards to our own definition. It's the way it was meant to be. For example, if I send a transaction I don't mind people knowing about, then I would choose a coin with a public ledger. Likewise, if I want to be discreet then Zcash would be my option or access the zero knowledge protocol in the blockchain wallet. The point is it is all about having control over what belongs to me and the freedom I have to do with whatever I want and whenever I want because without this being the case, freedom is not what we have.


I would like to know what you think about Brian Armstrong, Justin Sun and John McAfee recent moves to support mainstream adoption for privacy coins. Sound off in the comment section below!

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