The Dead Sea Scrolls and what they mean for us today.

The Dead Sea Scrolls; is an important but largely forgotten discovery.
Most households had heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the late 1900s, but most of that knowledge had not been passed on to the younger generation. Like how the Dead Sea Scrolls were found? What did they contain? And what do they mean for us today?

How the Dead Sea Scrolls were found

The Dead Sea Scrolls were written from the year 150 BC to 70 AD and were hidden in multiple caves, now called the Qumran caves, by the Dead Sea. Then in 1947, a shepherd boy, who was watching his sheep, saw some of his sheep wander into a cave, by the Dead Sea. The boy thought that if he threw a rock into the cave it could scare the sheep and cause them to run out. However, when he threw the rock, he did not hear the rock hit the wall of the cave; rather he heard something shatter. When he examined the cave to see what had shattered, he found a broken clay jar with seven scrolls in it.


What the Dead Sea Scrolls contain

These scrolls are now called the Dead Sea Scrolls because they were found near the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain over 900 scrolls including a treasure map, which has been called the copper scroll. The Copper Scroll contained information on buried treasures located all over Israel. However, none of the treasure has yet been found. There were also scrolls on the rules of the community they were written in. However, the most important scrolls found were the scrolls that had the biblical Old Testament written on them. These scrolls contain portions of every single Old Testament book in the Bible, except Esther. However, the only book that is fully written on just one scroll is the book of Isaiah, which is why the scroll is called the Isaiah scroll.


What they mean the Dead Sea Scrolls mean to us today.

The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible has been accurate in its translation for the past two thousand years. Because the Old Testament scrolls found by the Dead Sea are so close to the modern translation of the Bible today. Which debunks the belief of scholars in the 18 and early 19-hundreds, that the Bible can’t be trusted because it is full of translational errors. 



Where were the Dead Sea Scrolls found? The Dead Sea Scrolls were found by a shepherd boy in the Qumran caves. What did the Dead Sea Scrolls contain? The Dead Sea Scrolls contain a treasure map, community rules, and fragments of Old Testament books. What do they mean for us today? the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible can still be trusted.

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The Bible and Archeology
The Bible and Archeology

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