[Part 1] - The (almost) free journey through Splinterlands

By Giemo | The Freebie Blog | 12 Feb 2021

Since I started learning about free ways to earn crypto online without investing my own money, I was searching for exciting games that would pay me to play. For some time I thought Pipeflares gaming platform was the way to go, but after a couple of weeks playing their games I got bored. I often read about Splinterlands on Publish0x, but never looked into it myself. The reason being that I needed to spent 10$ up front to even begin the earning process. Today I finally gave in and bought the so called Spellbook, which enables the earning of DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) and the possibility of completing the daily quest, as well as receiving end of season rewards. Before I bought the Spellbook I already played around half a day and I really liked the concept of the game, that's why I'm willing to give it a shot.

In this series I will update my experiences as well as successes and failures within the game. The 10$ upfront is the only money I will ever spend on this game, so I am really curious how long it will take until I get the same value in cards back.

The Game

Splinterlands is an online card game. The difference to other card games is, that I actually own the cards that I buy and receive. That means I can upgrade, sell, trade and even lease them as I please, which resembles a physical card game much better than other online card games.


After creating my account I was immediately able to play the game. However, the cards I could choose from were only a couple of basic cards, which I  don't actually own. To own cards I first need to do one of 3 things:

Complete the daily quest

Completing the daily quest was quite simple. I just needed to get 5 wins with the fire splinter.


This earned me the TEMPLE PRIEST, a rare card that is worth 40 DEC (which is currently worth around 0.09$)


Earn enough DEC to buy a booster pack

I am earning DEC while playing. I get around 1 DEC per win. If I am on a winning streak this will increase drastically, because for every win I receive another +5% are accumulated on top of that. However, the more games I play the less DEC I earn because of the Capture Rate (see the FAQs for more details).


Another easy way to earn more DECs per win is joining a guild. For each Level the guild has I get a bonus of 1%. The guild I am currently in is Level 4, so every win grants me 4% bonus DECs. There are a lot of free-to-join guilds that have no requirements at all, so there is really no harm in joining one to earn some more DECs.


A booster pack currently costs 2000 DEC and contains 5 random cards, including at least one rare card. At my current rate of playing it might take a while until I get to buy my first booster pack.

Wait for the end of season reward

One season takes about two weeks and at the end every player receives rewards based on their tier and rating. The higher the tier the better the reward.


But in this regard Splinterlands is again a little different than other card games. It is not enough to just get a high rating by winning games, you also need Power. Power is calculated by the amount and rarity of the cards a player owns. I currently only hold 40 power because of the TEMPLER PRIEST, which is the only card I own. To be able to get to the next tier I need to have 1000+ Power (I wonder how long it'll take until I get there...)


Nevertheless I am looking forward to the end of season rewards, because I will receive some reward and maybe I get lucky again and get some rare cards or even better.

Playing the Game

I will just give a small summary of the game. The Gameplay Page goes a lot more into detail and there is even a tutorial to teach the basics.

After hitting the PLAY button I get queued into a game. This takes about 20-30 seconds (I don't know how many players there are, but apparently enough to quickly find a match). I am then greeted by the Make Team pop-up. Here I can check the recently played teams of my opponent, as well as the mana cap for this game. Monsters cost mana to play, so you need to adapt to whatever the mana cap is.


Afterwards I need to pick my team. The go to team I am currently using is MOTHER KHALA, because that is where I can use my owned card the TEMPLE PRIEST. (The deck list is from a game with more than 27 mana so don't be confused) 

SHIELDBEARERLUMINOUS EAGLE and TRUTHSPEAKER are a strong combo of their own, the TEMPLE PRIEST is just a nice addition. Give it a try if you like!


If my opponent is also ready, we battle with out chosen cards. Cards have some characteristics and specializations, which is too much to get into in this article. If you want to know more about how the cards work you can have a look at the Gameplay Page, it has all the necessary information. 



Additional Hints
  • You just need to pick your deck and click battle, which takes about 30 seconds if you know what deck you want to play, so if your rating is already at max just keep playing for the DECs
  • In the early levels quite a few people just don't pick their cards and lose by default -> easy wins -> easy DECs
  • Check your opponents favourite deck/cards to counter it (when you realise you use to a specific deck more often)
  • Download the mobile app to play from anywhere


Helpful links



Though I will never post links that I am not convinced are legitimate and useful, you should always do your own research before signing up on a site. I will benefit if you sign up through one of the below links:

  • Pipeflare     - Games, Technology, Blockchain
  • Presearch     - Get payed searching the web decentralized
  • Binance       - Largest crypto exchange
  • Splinterlands - The next generation of collectible card games


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