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By Giemo | The Freebie Blog | 10 Feb 2021

If you are like me and want to earn some tokens on the internet without doing any additional tasks, I can recommend the Brave Browser. Besides its already integrated ad-block, wherefore websites load 30% faster compared to Google Chrome and its suppression of cross-site trackers, you can also earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) just by browsing the internet. In this post I will give you a step by step guide on how you can earn BAT while browsing with Brave.

Install Brave and Register at Uphold/Gemini:

Before we start earning BAT, we first need to install the Brave Browser, which you can do directly on their website. Next we need to register and verify an account either at Uphold or Gemini. These are currently the only two exchange platforms where you are able to withdraw your BAT. I created an account on Uphold which was very straight forward, but I imagine it is similar with Gemini.

Enable Brave Rewards

Open the Brave Browser and click on the brave rewards triangle on the top right. Afterwards navigate to the Reward Settings.


Click on Ads Settings and choose the amount of ads you like to get per hour. You will gain around 0.015 BAT per ad and the ads are displayed as push notifications (you don't actually have to click them to receive your BATs). You might also want to consider changing the Auto-Contribute settings, to say how many BAT per month you want to use to support content creators automatically.


Now every time an add pops up you can see that your estimated pending rewards increase. A known issue under Windows is that the ads are not popping up. If this is the case for you have a look at tomoyan's post, which is still applicable in 2021:  

Become a creator

Sign up to become a creator on Brave. You just have to put in you E-Mail address and verify it with the link in the email that gets sent. Afterwards you can visit your creators profile here. At the bottom of the page you can find the + Add Channel option, where you can link the social network channels listed below.


After you linked one of your profile it might take some time until your account is verified as a creator (recently it took ~ 1 day). Once this is done the following image should appear after you click on the Brave triangle on your account's page:


Just go through the process of tipping, set how much you want to tip and if it should be a monthly contribution. After you tipped it may take a couple of days until the BAT arrive in your Uphold/Gemini account. For me it took around 4 days, so don't be alarmed. 


From Uphold/Gemini you can withdraw, convert or send it to a different wallet. However the current GAS fees are so ridiculously high that it isn't worth it for the small amounts of BAT I got.


Additional Points
  • The ads per hour setting is no guarantee, but a limit
  • The BAT per ad ratio of 0.015 BAT is an average I took over the last month of using brave as a browser
  • Gemini is currently only available for creators. It will be available for everyone in a couple of month though
  • The verification of the Brave Creator account can take up to 48 hours
  • Currently it is not possible to receive BAT on Apple devices, it might be possible again in the future though


Though I will never post links that I am not convinced are legitimate and useful, you should always do your own research before signing up on a site. I will benefit if you sign up through one of the below links:

  • Pipeflare     - Games, Technology, Blockchain
  • Presearch     - Get payed searching the web decentralized
  • Binance       - Largest crypto exchange
  • Splinterlands - The next generation of collectible card games

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