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What is MATRICULATION in the Czech Republic? 

Today, 03.11.2021, was a special day for all students of the Faculty of Law of West Bohemian university. Today was our matriculation. And I was very surprised when I found out that for not many countries matriculation means the same as for us.


Simply matriculation is the ceremonial admission of the student to the first year and to the academic community. So everyone dresses formally. That means suits, dresses... simply formal wear. And they meet in some big hall, usually the auditorium of their university. But we had it in the rented ballroom where they often have concerts and balls and things like that. 


Again, it's very festive. There's an order to everything, so before the actual ceremony started, someone came to tell us the rules. Or what to do when, when to sit, when to stand, when to nod, and so on. Then was time to begin.

Academic officials came forward one by one to the sound of fanfare. When they reached their seats, the national anthem was played. After that, we were allowed to sit down, but not for long. Later, the Dean of the Faculty gave a speech, and then one selected student read the University Pledge in front of everyone. Thank goodness it had been prearranged who it would be because I don't think I could have handled that kind of stress. 😬


After the reading of the pledge, we were all called alphabetically. At some universities, the person stands and says "I PROMISE" out loud, but at ours, we just stood and nodded towards the dean. 


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And that's really the whole point of matriculation, to promise that the person will try hard in their academic life, follow some rules, and so on. 


But I must say it was a nice experience. 😊


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