TRX Support for Ternio Blockcard? Maybe!

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 10 Sep 2019

Tronix is an Ethereum fork which adds a lot of features. It's the blockchain that I use to run World Builder. However, there are some concerns that I have with the platform. One of the greatest concerns is that there still isn't enough support for TRX or the other tokens that are available on the platform. It's rather absurd, considering that Tron has built in support for token creation and utilization. 

Ternio Blockcard

I've pushed for TRX and TRC-10 support on publish0x for a while, but I also want to see the blockchain supported elsewhere. I recently started using the Ternio blockcard, which allows an individual to deposit Ternio, or many other tokens which are converted into Ternio, and spend them as if they were cash, anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. While I'd love to see native token support, for now, we live in a government established fiat world. And so we need a gateway. Ternio provides one. 

A few things about the Blockcard specifically. There is a $5 a month fee, which is waived if a person spends at least $750 a month on their card. There are two options for the card: a plastic version and a metal version. The plastic version costs $10 and the metal one is $50. However, production isn't ready for the metal cards, so right now you can only get the plastic one. But the card is basically free if you use a referral link, because you get a $10 signup bonus. And for each person you bring in using your own referral link, you get $10, so it's really not that bad. 

I'll say that one of the odd things is seeing your USD balance fluctuate as TERN goes up and down in value is odd. It makes me almost want to time purchases by how low or high TERN is. But I suppose that's the nature of the beast when it comes to using crypto to buy stuff. All in all, I'm happy to see this project.

However, they lack TRX support. Honestly, I find it odd that Ternio believes that there would be greater demand to deposit XLM than TRX. While Stellar Lumens are a nice token, the project has a fraction of the support that TRX has. lists WINk, a Tron based dapp, as the #1 dapp at the moment. Moreover, 4 out of the top 10 dapps are Tron dapps! Only 3 out of the top 10 are Ethereum dapps!

Tron Specific Registration Link

I have my own referral link, which gives $10 to me as well as $10 to the referred person, when they deposit $100 or more into the blockcard account. However, as much as I want to get the cash, I want to support these projects even more. And so I contacted Ian and Ternio and asked about TRX support. He wasn't sure that there was enough support, so he decided to create a Tron registration link. People who sign up with the link will still get $10 when they deposit $100 or more! 

So here's the deal. Ternio is looking for at least 1,000 registrations using the Tron specific link, with at least 200 of those people funding their card with $100 or more.

Here's the link

Of course, if you want to help me out, you can use my personal referral link instead. I'm hoping to see a balance between those who use one or the other. One might wonder why I'm willing to go so far to see TRX support. Well, it's partially a selfish reason. If Ternio supports TRX and its tokens, then it's possible that if WRLD takes off, I can work with them to have WRLD added. I also want to see the Tron ecosystem improve, because my projects are in that ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

I really hope to see TRX support on the blockcard, as well as here on publish0x. It might also be nice to see Ternio partner with publish0x as a sponsor. Then we could get TERN, and have it sent right to the blockcard account for use. Hopefully both of these ideas are picked up by their respective communities. 

Further Reading

Tron suffers from a public image problem. It's one reason why I want to see third party support by companies like TERNIO. Check out Tron: A Useful Technology Which Suffers From a Poor Image to learn more.

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