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Introducing EMR and ACW Tokens for World Builder

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 21 Apr 2020

I've written a few articles about World Builder and related topics. Today I want to discuss various core projects and tokens that we'll be creating and supporting. A number of these projects are attempts to help monetize activities that are traditionally very difficult to monetize. It is in this area that cryptoassets can really shine. Other projects are projects that team members want to support and ones that can otherwise add to quality of life. I've already introduced Arcadium in the past, but I want to talk about EMR and ACW.

While every project that we're working on is important, these core components are some of the more necessary aspects of the project. Overall, we plan on releasing a half a dozen to a dozen monetization tokens, and building ecosystems for those tokens. The former is easy to do, and we will use the forge system discussed in previous articles to generate them. Creating the ecosystem is the hard part, but we're confident that we can do it. 

Emergency Response Token

Emergency response and disaster relief is incredibly important, but there isn't a sufficient number of volunteers to help in this area. There are also some paid jobs, but careers such as emergency medical technician are usually very low paying. Indeed, EMTs are some of the worst paid professionals in the United States. 

The Emergency Response token will be used to help supplement income for those who are trained in volunteer services, and also help offset costs associated with such training. While a completely non-governmental system would be great, as it stands, the level of trust in any kind of certification in emergency services, that does not conform to government standards, is going to be low. As a result, the system will have its own certification, but will utilize existing certification methods as part of the operation, including CPR certification and amateur radio licenses. 


Academic Reward Token

Another very important but poorly monetized activity in this era is academic research. While everyone benefits from academic research, the researchers themselves receive little reward for actually doing the research. Indeed, most researchers are highly dependent on government issued grants and institutional funding. They give their research to publishers, free of charge, who then turn around and publish the research and sell the material. 

This token's ecosystem will largely revolve around tipping, crowd funding, and using the token to purchase materials for research, as well as the publication of more a more informal nature so the general population can see what kind of what research is being published. 


Getting Involved

Right now the forge system itself is in private alpha. Once released, anyone will be able to use WRLD to forge these tokens. So right now, the best way to get involved is to head over to the WRLD faucet and waterfall pages and start collecting WRLD. You can also join us in our Telegram group and discuss this and other projects. 

Further Reading

Cryptoassets Don't Thrive Without Ecosystems

The ecosystems for these tokens will be one of the most important components of project building. Far too many projects fail to create ecosystems for their tokens, focusing instead on simply using the tokens to generate startup capital. 

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