Gods Unchained Understands TCG Tokenomics

Gods Unchained Understands TCG Tokenomics

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 24 Oct 2019

I’ve written a few articles on tokenomics in the past. One thing that’s bothered me with many systems is that they create numerous tokens that just sit around. They create a lot of junk material. It’s a problem that MTG has always had. There are so many junk commons that people have started to use them as coasters, wallpaper, and other random nonsense just because they don’t have anything else to do with them, aside from throw them out.

It’s Economics, Stupid

It really is economics. The laws of supply and demand both drive market price. The greater the demand, the greater the price. The greater the supply, the lower the price and diversity is king when it comes to creating a healthy economy. Unfortunately there’s little that a physical trading card game, especially a game that relies on drafting can do, considering that drafts require bulk cards to even out a deck. But things are different in the digital world, especially in the crypto world. 

The Solution

Gods Unchained, like some other cryptoasset based trading card games, has worked to allow people to fuse their cards together to create new versions of the card. It’s called “shiny” and is a logical digital extension of the foil system in physical trading card games. But one thing that made me sad was that the cards didn’t do anything different. They were just prettier and rarer. While increasing rarity is important, so is increasing the utility of each item, in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

Today, GU announced that it is going to give players another way to use some of their cards. It’s called “evolution” (name subject to change). Evolution and fusion are largely ways to limit the number of core cards in the game and other bulk cards from fundamentally lowering demand in the game. Evolution is different from fusion however. It’s closer to the upgrade system in Splinterlands, but even more dynamic, as cards become the base material to create entirely different cards, or even non-card items, such as trinkets. 

More Details Soon

How well the system will work is hard to say. They are including "flux" which is a material that's earned through playing. It's a way to limit bots from gaming the system. If done right, that's fine, but if done incorrectly, it could be troubling. I mentioned my concerns with such recycling elements when referencing the Blockchain Cuties recycling mechanic

However, flux seems like it'll be available much more readily. It's just a quick safeguard to prevent manipulating the system, rather than being something that restricts this mechanic to the kingpin players. After all, adding diversity to a system is only useful if the majority of the population can benefit from it in a reasonable way. For these kinds of games, there should be more than one way to play. There should be more than one way that people can get enjoyment and utility from the product. So I'm really excited to see this new mechanic.

If you haven't registered yet, you'll still need a beta referral link until the beta release ends. Feel free to use my referral link. It would be greatly appreciated. 


Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman

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