Further Delays in the B.C.U. Summer Event

Further Delays in the B.C.U. Summer Event

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 15 Jul 2019

Unfortunately getting timing right when you’re releasing a product is very difficult. It’s very often that a new product fails to release right on its official release day. That was the case with the Blockchain Cuties event. It was originally scheduled to start last week. The current estimated release date is now tomorrow, Tuesday July 16th, 2019. All times are in Local Riga time (GMT+3).


A company needs to be reliable. Trust is fundamental to a healthy business. A pattern of delays not only irks customers, but it can make them lose trust in the business itself. And if that happens, the business can lose revenue and even fail. We want to see Blockchain Cuties survive, because it’s a good product with a lot of potential. 

If people become frustrated, they might leave. If people are thinking of getting into the game and they see that the company has a track record of failing to meet expectations, they might avoid the platform all together. 

We’re also worried that too late a release date could eat into other projects, including any potential Halloween event, and also the major upgrade with Cutielands. 


We understand that any large project is going to have some issues, and delays aren’t unexpected, especially when blockchain technologies are also added to the mix. However, we do have a few suggestions. The first is to make sure that players are kept well informed of progress. To an extent that has been the case, especially with the pawedcasts.

Another suggestion is to keep release dates vague until there is final product. This suggestion holds for all developers. Try not to lock yourself into a release date until you’re comfortable with releasing the product on that date.

Don’t use blockchain as a crutch. It’s true that blockchain technologies are finky, and they add another layer of complexity, especially when testing, because of the persistent nature of information on the chain. But don’t use that idea as an excuse. A blockchain developer should take the added complexity into account in the planning stage.

Finally, if you are a company that does not operate during the weekend, do not announce a product release on a Monday. It's true that a lot of small businesses take off for the weekend, but if you're going to do that, you can't reasonably do a Monday launch.

Daniel Goldman
Daniel Goldman

I’m a polymath and a rōnin scholar. That is to say that I enjoy studying many different topics. Find more at http://danielgoldman.us

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