Minima - changing the game?

Minima - changing the game?

By Adam Funnell | The Bash Blog | 27 Jan 2020

Very occasionally, I come across something that gives me goosebumps. Something that could really change the game. It is not often, and more often than not when a new protocol comes along, we seem to be going over old ground and very little changes. POW, POS, a protocol for this or that, very rarely do we find a true unicorn.

However, this changed when I came across something that has the potential of being truly game changing. This was Minima, a truly grounded protocol unlike anything I had seen before.

So what is it?

I have read many claims of a truly decentralised networks. Many, that sadly are just "vapour". Claims of mobile based protocols even more so..but the more I looked, the more I felt that they this was the game changer that this author had been looking for.

A Proof-of-Work (PoW) backed base layer protocol secured by collaborating users, not competing miners.

We offer utility as the incentive.

A blockchain designed to be lean and compact so that everyone can run a complete - mining and validating - node on their mobile phone, just like a regular messaging app.

Bold claims indeed but do they stack up?

Their whitepaper claims to create a totally decentralised network, where tokenisation is essential. The protocol is designed to let all users define their own value and rules for exchange, whilst providing a platform of trust. This creates the potential for frictionless trade and the freedom to generate value together. 

The team have written the code (successful code audit and test net run by SwissCom in May). They aim to have the mainnet live in Q1 2021.


The team have been working closely with innovative Telcom companies in the UK and Switzerland. This led to a proof of concept in 2019. 

The team have also been busy working on strategic partnerships. They are in the process of signing MOUs with three teclos (UK, Switzerland) for PoCs to start this year. Not only that, they are in further discussions with a number of SIs to start work on the product build.


The team are already well known in the UK, their CTO Paddy has taken part in some fantastic discussions and have started to build a reputation as a heavy hitter against some great minds, winning the audience over every time. The team have also spent time on the Isle of Man, Zug and Malta to sell their vision.

Last week the team presented in Davos to great acclaim, including meeting with potential partners and investors.

They also gained momentum with media, gaining interviews with The Ania, the ever wonderful Jilian Godsil and more. All seemed suitably impressed with Minimas offer and opportunity.

So what next..

The team are now racing towards launching Beta versions of their app which will include a complete (validating and constructing) PoW node.  They will then begin driving nodes downloads on their testnet. Exciting times indeed. 

Please visit their site for more information and regular updates on their incredible journey.

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