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I Have Lost My Wallet (Well, Part of it)

I am considerably annoyed with myself. The reason for that is that I've lost part of my wallet (no, not a crypto wallet, an actual physical wallet that's falling apart). I've lost the part that holds my bank card and driver's license. (The piece in question looks much like the photo I've used for this post.) I've already searched my room and car to no avail. It's possible that the piece for which I'm searching went through the laundry in a pants pocket and is somehow still in that pocket. The chances of that seem pretty slim to me, considering I've checked both the laundry and clothes pockets. It most likely fell out of a pocket while I was walking and somehow didn't notice. A likely alternative is that I put it down somewhere (like a shop counter) and didn't pick it up again when I should have, which was plain absent-minded and stupid of me. On the other hand, if it is at home, I've left it somewhere that's really quite different from the usual places it might be.

The thing is that I don't know for how long it's been missing; anywhere from a week to several of them. I can't remember, for the life of me, when last I had it nor where I put it.

In typical fashion, it'll probably turn up once I've replaced the cards at my own expense. That could prove difficult, since I need proof of residence to obtain them (and the bank won't accept its own documents) for one thing. The other is that I can't draw money or pay for anything without a bank card. I'll need to pay in order to replace my driver's license. I don't really know how I'm going to manage that without going back to being paid in cash at the kennels for a few weekends.

This situation is really quite a vexation. Waiting and hoping it'll turn up isn't likely to help, but I don't know what else to do, having actively searched for the lost card holder and had no success. If only I could remember when last I had it and where I was at the time, I wouldn't be in such a pickle, but I'm drawing a complete blank on its general location. My short-term memory is utter crap and has been for years.

The other thing that's limiting me is that I'm having a cash flow problem. (Not enough money flows in for the various things that cause it to flow out. Even though I've reduced my overdraft and expenditure on insurance, my bank fees are still high enough to cause my account to be overdrawn, which incurs more bank fees.) One of the consequences of the imbalance is that I've lost access to my email account until I can pay off the outstanding amount. (There are various sites that send me confirmation/generated link emails as a means of authenticating my online accounts, such as Noise and Medium. Without access to email, I can't log in to them. Neither can I apply for jobs with my current CV, which needs work anyway.)

My financial situation should change towards the beginning or end of July, since I've managed to secure a government grant for my chronic mental illness. I'm looking forward to that, but I'd really like to find my cards first and save myself some trouble.

If only the infrastructure (point of sale, etc.) existed in my home country, so that I'd be able to pay for things using crypto, I might not have the problem of losing the physical means of payment and personal identification ...

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