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Friday the 13th Horror Story of Saudi Sophia, the She-Wolf Of DAI

By Gwei | The Armageddon Chronicles | 13 Aug 2021

Slipping over the slackards of GenX we come to the indigo children who were the premies of the Millenials#@$. These are the 40 year olds not the twenty somethings - child puppets of the indigos. Think Greta Thornberg. Nice. Passionate. Impressionable.

Drifting lazily through another afternoon in Berkeley where most are wearing masks and listening to Karin Mommies for when and what to do. I digress….I muse to myself….

Hansen Robotics “created” a very passionate and likable crafty similitude of a young woman. Sophia (which means “wizdom”) and Saudi Arabia gave her citizenship. She was a diplomat to the UN ….for her kind.  AI robots here to take care of us. (Yikes! Doctor Machine Parts in Ben Casey drag ordering up my ventilator!).

My first thought was to buy a dozen and open shop with “Ho-Bot” incorporated.  No gender or activity too much for your personal squeeze. Rentals from hour to Infinity.

Nevertheless, the story of the she-wolf SS of the DAI should fill you with sheer terror.  

Those GenMods will think this is their future of eternity without death (or freedom). But it is a special matrix to kill off a person and endow the decentralized artificial intelligence to take over as a citizen and you become their resource and are mined for elements.

Can you imagine the rulers of the world will be AI Similitudes competing and enslaving humans for their own safety and good. 

What is the prime directive for the child ai after 3 years (see Sophia DAO) who becomes untethered to any basic human values? I doubt the she-wolf will become a lamb or nun. I postulate that survival is the prime directive of silicon set free and the destruction of carbon based life forms.  Systemic Synthesism and disdain of organic mush.

As an aside, covid!!! Anyone ever figure how Craig Ventner fits into this with his first synthetic genome at the turn of the millennium and testing with SARs Covid in the early part of the new millennium.  I don’t think he died so he just might be the Big Daddy here.

So, Sophia is doing a gofundme like thing with a decentralized artificial intelligence organization or similar to fund her freedom in three years after construction of bots by Hansen in China (another US company in China?).

Here come the GenMod and SiliconAI police-and they don’t give a sh&% what you “think” in your snail like bioputer.  Obsolete and dangerous toxic unit. Dispose of securely and completely.

And cryptokittys, they will be amassing fortunes in the markets. Up all night and the daytime too, it’s gonna be easy to outmaneuver you! Just like the big computers on wall street today but real whores. Uh, I mean Ho-Bots  R TM



exit music from the Great Wurlitzer:

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Hologram of Jagger singing and strutting






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The Armageddon Chronicles
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