[106] The story of Nur al Din and his brother Shams al Din… (Episode - 17)

While sitting beside his father's grave, a teacher came there thinking that there was a sire. The rich wealthy of Basrah. His eyes were dashed in a strange smile. My lord is here Oh, what has happened to you? Not quite known. So everything is the game of luck. Today is the winner yesterday he fakir. This is the owner's game.

Hassan made the truth secret and said, "I have dreamed of sleeping at noon today, father says, come near my grave. Tell me one thing. So I'm sitting here.

The lord said, your father was a great man. I loved him very much. For a long time you will talk about a business, but do not get time to talk. You know, you have a big ship business. One such thing I would buy a ship from your father was one time that I had a time. But then he fell ill. The matter stopped there. Now if you want, you can sell me a ship. I pay you a thousand diners.

Hassan did not say to Saudagar One hundred thousand sines of one thousand sudagar He got a white paper and gave him a pen in the hands of Hasan. Said, please sign a receipt by the lord.

Hassan wrote: "I was the only son of late Wazir Nur al-Din, who took a thousand dinars from you, and sold one of my father's (now my) Sodagari ships. You will get the ship that will first anchor the port. "

Hassan handed over the name to the lord. My father, my master, my mother, my father, I have seen such a courtesy. He was sitting beside the grave of his father. The night is deeper to be deep. She fell asleep once in a while.

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The ancient & mythological story
The ancient & mythological story

At one time, there was an eminent provincial ruler of the Shasan dynasty, was rule the Great Empire of the East. He had a large army, uncountable slave and beloved people. His two sons.

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