Answer to the Shitcoin problem? Token Metrics

By ThaHODLer | ThaHODLer | 1 Oct 2020


Let me start by saying. Thank You! 

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So I'm gonna drop a better post and let see if we can hit 500 by tomorrow.


I ran across these guys on twitter. They're somewhat of a legend in the crypto analytics world. These guys spent millions in two years time creating this cutting edge crypto analytics platform and for giving up their entire investment strategy in a spreadsheet for free. Crazy! But they generously believe in crypto so much that their success should be shared.

Their opening up the Platform to the first 1000!

Token Metrics

Actually, I'm impressed. After reading the Back story. they been seen on CNBC, Forbes, The Telegram, and the Today Show. Well It made me wonder.  So I went ahead and got the DISCOUNT to sign up early. Im sure amazed and I think you will be too.


Please read to the end before signing up!


Summary of Rewritten. Read it yourself

So the CEO Ian Balina figures there are two types of people in the crypto world. Those that want to invest and those that already invested. With the world's financial market on the verge of collapse. Fiscal debt has doubled even tripled since 2008. Wages haven't moved an inch. $250 trillion in worldwide debt. That's 15 trillion now compared to $200 billion in 2008 China already wants to take over Blockchain and challenge the U.S dollar. the economy is already showing signs of depression. Blockchain is challenging all the traditional Banking around the world. In his opinion is they're crumbling slowly. He thinks eventually chaos will ensue. Out steps the Crypto world to take a succession of traditional banking and give the world back free market.

Now back to the Spreadsheet! So these guys have come up with a Data-driven investment approach. His invention and development of Watson Analytics. Cloud-based super computer harnessing machine learning to find patterns and insights into data. He applied that to Crypto investing and produced this video.

Video went Viral 350,000 view on youtube.

After that the introduced this platform!


This platform has it all. Its all you'll ever need to make money from Crypto and break away to financial freedom. thew website uses data compiled from human capital and machine learning to rate cryptocurrencies. provides us with:

  • In-depth rating and analysis from the top 100 cryptocurrencies
  • Real-time technical analysis indicators and signals for those top 100 
  • Backtested to 30 days price predictions on the top 100
  • Leading IEO reviews
  • Biweekly private investor seminars
  • Early access to investment ratings before public release
  • Complete Portfolio tracking
  • Join their exclusive private investment network


Theres a lot more information on the website. So what are you waiting for?

Click any TOKEN METRICS link

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