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Hmm, I'll start by saying. crypto currency changed my life. I'm just getting started!

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🔥 Yield farming on Uniswap. My first results.

24 Sep 2020 resiliencia

24 September 2020
Awesome 👍 thx for the info!

Mine while you browse

24 Sep 2020 Wilboss

24 September 2020
I use it everyday and gain anywhere from $1 usd to $4. I use one tablet and 2 cell phones. Average about 30k he and only refered twice. But I do pay $16 and $24.99. but I am making about $10 a month. As long as btc is bull. It's worth it. I can always consolidate and trade it or liquidity also. It's helps tremendously to have affiliation with people but works for me. Good article!

Guide: How To Read A Candlestick Chart Correctly

24 Sep 2020 Marmando

24 September 2020
Enjoyed it. I got more valuable information from ur small article than most I've read. Thanks

Guide to $WHALE (DAO Update)

20 Sep 2020 HIBYEMY

20 September 2020
I'm in just a soon as I can flip my coins. Thx awesome content. REALLY interesting.

🔥 UNISWAP Magic Internet Money! 1200$ FREE

17 Sep 2020 resiliencia

17 September 2020
Go over to BITRUE exchange and I can purchase it with eth xrp usdt btc and withdraw. Xrp is free to withdraw

🔥 UNISWAP Magic Internet Money! 1200$ FREE

17 Sep 2020 resiliencia

17 September 2020
I woulda probably done the same. But it's sure is rising fast came up almost $2 since this morning. Sucks I didn't provide liquidity.but oh well the gas price is to high for my small bags. 0xfA37B6341179308DFba7535963a6c84B6c691D95

🔥 UNISWAP Magic Internet Money! 1200$ FREE

17 Sep 2020 resiliencia

17 September 2020
Dammit I didn't start liquidity till last week. I only own 2.653 uni. You could be a bud and donate a few. Lol 0xc04811c2f7f97c598bcf6e97216ec4b21017e0fa

Green StarBusrt Re-veg 1.1 Day 3

16 Sep 2020 skylinebuds

16 September 2020
Nice, looking good! I'm about to sprout one tomorrow.

PI-COIN - Money For Everyone

10 Sep 2020 tijnski

10 September 2020
Join my circle pls. I'm not exactly sure how to add you unless your sent an invite. I'm also following you now so pls do the same. I'm almost ready for my first post. Thanks Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (ThaHODLer) as your invitation code.

CRI – World’s First Carbon Credit Generating Blockchain

7 Sep 2020 Crypto Adventure

07 September 2020
All we have to do and I've had the idea from the start is Solar powered mining stations. But without the education, finances and other particulars. I'm not able to make my idea a reality.

The Final Dump: Get Ready For Opportunities

6 Sep 2020 Thomas Wolf

07 September 2020
Yep eth has prices is my prediction why the huge correction. People were or are dumping the large amounts. Those of us that micro-trade are loading major profits with gas and byte transactions. Hopefully eth 2.0 will fix this.

TWETCH: Will it be the Crypto backed Social Media Utopia?

5 Sep 2020 SamBTC

05 September 2020
Ya to be honest. Don't know alot about it. I've been using it since released and if u don't have following. You can't profit. Although I can get about $2.00 usd once you sign up and ask for a little help with your first tweet. Which everyone gets. Each tweet there after only goes to followers. So no telling how this is gonna prevail.

TWETCH: Will it be the Crypto backed Social Media Utopia?

5 Sep 2020 SamBTC

05 September 2020
Dammit Sam! Awesome post! You beat me to the punch. I was building content on this #twitterkiller. But nice one. Keep it up!

Cryptoulog - How To Evade High Uniswap Fees For Small Traders And YFI Buyers?

5 Sep 2020 surpassinggoogle

05 September 2020
You answered a good question that was on my mind. I'm a follower now, do the same pls. I'm getting ready to post my first content. Also if it's micro transaction ur wanting to convert. Try this app. No convert fees and it's a tipping platform for social sites. No referral so if u like tipe @cdilas3081 on twitter through the app

Tip me your top tips on tipping

5 Sep 2020 Technically Product

05 September 2020
Nice post. You beat me too it. No matter my first post won't be tipping related now. But that's ok. Follow me back pls. Get ready to tip! Lol

Low-hanging fruit - quick review of Cointiply and other earning platforms

5 Sep 2020 rhysmonkey

05 September 2020
Damn good content. I'm following. Do the same. I'll be posting my first content Soon. I also got an investment right up ur alley. If interested.

Understanding Publish0x and the high gas Fees on ETH network..

5 Sep 2020 alberdioni8406

05 September 2020
Just give me a follow. I'll be posting my first content really soon. So far just been collecting toppings from the awesome content. No complaints.

Understanding Publish0x and the high gas Fees on ETH network..

5 Sep 2020 alberdioni8406

05 September 2020
I agree, I've also been here since day one. I'm sure the creators have the communitys best interest at heart. I personally think Eth gas and Btc byte transaction price sucks. It forces anyone that needs to move micro transaction from doing so. There's blog posted by PublishOx asking the communitys opinion on what to do about the Eth gas hike. But thx for having our backs!

The 5 Positives

5 Sep 2020 CC1370

05 September 2020
Enjoyed your content. I'm now a follower. Pls do the same. I'll be making my first post soon! I'd appreciate it.

Announcing the Winners of the Rare KOG Drawing

4 Sep 2020 BlockchainAuthor

04 September 2020
I'm sad I didn't win! That's cool you gave me one KOG of china. Value? Hmm. I'd rather hold it in hopes it'll be alot more valuable. Thx again, I enjoyed the game and keep up the great content!

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🔥 Yield farming on Uniswap. My first results.

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Hello! I have been testing Yield farming for some days on Uniswap and the results are quite good.I've decided to make a post and share with you some numbers and my experience. Let's start: I am providing 2,000$ of liquidity on the AMPL-ETH Liquidity...

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Mine while you browse

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So a lot of you have probably heard of cryptotab and the model on which you earn btc whilst you browse the web at one point i believe it was quite a pretty income but now your looking at pennies unless you happen to know 3million people who you can r...

Guide: How To Read A Candlestick Chart Correctly

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How To Read A Candlestick Chart CorrectlyCandlestick is one of the most powerful tools and if you become a high-minded chart reader then you have the potential to become very murderous in the stock/crypto market. I did get a lot of inspiration on an...

StormGain Coin Contest Tournament

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Rocket League is free to play now

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Yearn Land - Harvest & Collect!

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  Disclaimer The main objective of this publication is to present the Yearn Land solution and the related Yearn Land project. Under no circumstance, it should be considered as an investment advice. If you have any questions regarding the regulation...

Purple Bliss - TetraPak FInal Photos -

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The purple Bliss from the Tetra Pak I was still able to pull off a little. I was able to still pull off a half quarter which is still not too bad considering the fact that it was only growing in a small little half gallon to a gallon pot and was negl...


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