Mining $TFuel with your Gaming Rig! It's really that Simple!

  Hello Folks! Just a quick run down on how simple it is to mine $TFuel on your gaming rig and earn more passive income! 

  First things first!

  • Download Theta Edge Node Here:
  • Install the edge worker and run it on your PC.
  • BOOM! Your Mining $TFuel!
  • You can leave it running 24/7 if you so choose ( I Do!)

Thet Edge Node Worker

  Initially when you open Theta Edge Node it will allow you to create a password and username.

 Once you have proceeded to do so, you will add a desktop wallet, which your earnings will be sent to the first week of each month! Gas Fees!? No not really, a transaction cost less than (1) $Tfuel!

I have been able to mine 10 + per week by sharing my Resources and bandwidth on Full mode. I have had no performance issues slow downs or freezes on my gaming rig which is about 4 years old!


I have a NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Which handles the workload with ease!

You also have the option to run the edge worker in Light, Medium or Full mode to control how much rescources you would like to make available for mining.




Theta Fuel, as the name suggests, is the fuel of the Theta Blockchain and is thus in part comparable to the “gas” on Ethereum or NEO. TFUEL serves as a means of payment for transactions, such as setting up caching nodes or interacting and creating smart contracts. However, it can also be earned, for example, by staking THETA or by providing caching power to other users or interacting with the platform.



The answer is YES!!!

  • Inside your Theta Wallet is a Faucet which can use once a day for FREE and it will deposit a small amount into your wallet after the Blockchain has verified.
  • You can also earn $TFUEL by watching Content on the platform.


  Could this be getting in on the Ground level of the next Ethereum? Maybe a foot in the door on Youtubes next big competitor? I can say with certainty but I can tell the community and features on THETA .TV are way more vast and entertaining than the Big Dog we all use to stream content today. 

  Thanks for taking the time to check this out guys! if your looking for a cheap way to start adding a new coin with lots of potential to your portfolio this just might be it! if nothing else you'll have fun watching your bag grow without shrinking your wallet and maybe learn something new along the way!



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$TFuel Decentralized Streaming!
$TFuel Decentralized Streaming!

Information I have collected in relation to $TFuel! Including Mining, earning, Price movement and real worl usage! Could this be like mining $ETH in 2017? The next Youtube without the censorship? Who is gonna make it big THETA.TV, Odysee? Or niether?

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