SpaceX Expands Starlink Public Beta!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 21 Jan 2021

Another day another SpaceX headline!

Today it was announced that SpaceX and its now 1,000 Starlink satellites were expanding its public Beta of the system. Having lived in Texas until 3 weeks ago I was highly tempted to join in on the Beta. However the price of it was way more than I wanted to pay and plus I do not think my parents would have wanted the equipment you need.


To access the Beta you have to have their installation kit which was $499. To make it even more expensive it was $99 a month for the service. I was lucky enough to be offered to take part when I was in Texas and now reading further into it I am a little surprised as the "goal" or people it was aimed for were rural and remote areas where fiber and cable were unavailable. 


This development was huge though as it further shows the rollout of Starlink. Starlink is going to cost SpaceX $10 billion to fully build out so any amount of money they can recoup while the further build it out is vital! From different people I know who have done it have said that the speed of the service is actually surpassing what they were initially told which is great to hear!


As someone who loves seeing SpaceX and even Blue Origin make space something that people can possibly accomplish in our lifetime this is great to see. SpaceX is developing so many different things right now and they are not providing cash in return. While it is not going to be a ton especially with it being in Beta mode cash is cash and that's what matters! I cannot wait to see this service debut publicly and be able to possibly use it myself. The issue will be if they have there terminal price or the $499 upfront. This will have to come down considerably for the masses so that it can be widely adopted. 


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