Ocean Spaceports Coming Soon and More Visitors Headed to Space!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 5 Jun 2021

New Spaceports?

While the boss of SpaceX might be the biggest market manipulator in the crypto sphere and the biggest jerk what he has done for the United States' ability to reach outer space is nothing short of amazing. Some people argue that SpaceX should not be given the money that they are given by the government but this is extremely short-sighted. Not only has SpaceX delivered cheaper than NASA could have produced the same thing but they have also been on the cutting edge of rocket development. 


Continuing this their way SpaceX is now striving to have an operational spaceport located not on land but in the ocean! Last year news first broke that SpaceX had bought two semi-submersible decommissioned oil rigs. At first, people were a little confused by this purchase but it quickly hashed out that it involved the Starship project. By placing different spaceports across the globe it could be possible that Starship could be used for transporting people not only to outterspace but also across the world with suborbital flights!



Here is a mockup that Elon himself has commented on via twitter. 


These spaceports are supposed to be from where SpaceX will launch its Starship to Mars from. Elon has also stated that the Doge-1 mission may also be launched for a seaport as well! These will be really interesting to see developed as it would give a use to decommissioned oil rigs and could save in rocket fuel consumption by launching the rockets from specific parts of the Earth for the different orbits.


New Private SpaceX Missions SIgned!

SpaceX was chosen by Axiom to carry private astronauts to space earlier this year. With the inital flight set for January 2022 excitement is growing about the first all civilian spaceflight! Axiom obviously likes how it is going because they just signed a bulk deal with SpaceX to continue this partnership through 2023 with the addition of 3 more missions. These are to be spaced 6 months apart after the first one and will keep the ISS bust to say the least. 


While the first crew has already been selected only the commander of the second mission is known as of now and the third and forth missions are blank slates. With more private use of the ISS it will be interesting to see if NASA possibly begins to turn over more and more control to these companies. With China now building its own space station and Russia leaving the ISS soon NASA will be fully in charge. Since Russia does control their half it feels safe to say they will take those with them so private money will need to replenish these missing modules. 

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