The Rumor of March 4th Washington DC Riots

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 20 Feb 2021

Since the beginning of the month, it has been known that at least 5,000 National Guard soldiers would stay in Washington, DC until the end of March at a minimum. It has only been recently that the reasoning for that has started to make itself public but the reasoning is well..... its interesting to say the least. 


The reason for this leads back of course to the die-hard far-right followers of QAnon or Q as the unknown leader is called. What these people think is bizarre to say the least. QAon is "borrowing" an idea from the soverign citizen movement which believes that when the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 was passed the United States stopped being a country and turned into a cooperation. This act disbanded the original charters for The District of Columbia and Georgetown but then united them with the other area in Washington County to create a single territory. While this is really semantics because nothing really changed all that much. The idea that the country became a corporation is due to the wording used that to a regular individual might sound a little bizarre. The term used is "municipal corporation" which just means municple government QAon supporters though think it means corporation/company. 


Believers though say that this made Ulysses S. Grant the last President (18th) of the United State. With that inmind they claim that on March 4th Donald Trump will be inaguerated as the 19th President of the United States. Every other president since the passage of the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 are invalid as is the whole federal government as it is no longer a country but a "company". When Donald Trump is inaguerated on the 4th he will then reinstall a valid Federal Goverment and make The United States a Country again.


Now when trying to understand this "idea" I have tried to find why Donald Trump would become President randomly on March 4th. I have tried to understand what precident or logic that they are using to reach this conclusion. I have yet to find one and I honestly believe they really do not have a reason why this would occur. Why President Biden would be inaugurated and then Trump would step in 2 months later. 


The only significant thing I found out about March 4th is that prior to the 20th Amendment being signed in 1933 President would actually be inaugurated on this day! When the 20th went into effect it moved the data to the date we all know as the day President get inaugurated, January 20th. That is really it though as to why March 4th is important there is no news or other things to even hint at that date being important beside the old inauguration date. 


There have been talks and rumors going around that Trump supporters could show up enmass to "welcome" the "new" President back. With how January 6th went Congress, Capitol Hill Police, and Washington, DC does not want to take any risks and thus want to keep the presence though at least that date. I do not believe though that many of them will be here beyond the end of March though and hopefully the Capitol can get back to some sense of normalcy. Since I have never worked without it locked down as it is it would be nice to be able to get to work quicker and not have to go through so many security points. Capitol Hill Police have always had the one entering the building but the two outside are new and they really are not fun in the freezing cold with it raining/snowing. 


All of this just goes to show what a chaotic time it is up here in Washington. Just when I started to think that everything was really passed and that finally they might start taking down the fencing and recalling the National Guard troops its starts to come to light. It is just bizarre and beyond my comprehension that this "idea" is accepted by so many that National Guard troops are still required to stay to ensure security. 

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