Crypto Gaming... My Fears! Artificial Intelligence?

Crypto Gaming... My Fears! Artificial Intelligence?

By teutonium | Teutonium's Posts! | 28 Apr 2020






I've been a gamer for most of my life, I did some pauses here and there, but gaming is addictive, I always went back for more... Sometimes I even went back and played games that were 10 years old! Age of Mythology, Age of Empires, Civilizations, CS 1.6, Battlefield 2, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Zoo Tycoon, Medieval Total War, Unreal Tournament, I've played it all! I think the only games which didn't give me much addiction were the Football Manager ones...

Through all my years of gaming and especially Massive multiplayer online gaming, there is one thing that I learned, the economy of games is really really hard to make! One mistake and you can ruin the whole game! Items that were once legendary items, items that made all heads turn once you entered town, would, with a simple mistake, become obsolete, useless, and common.

Yeah, it's not just creating an item and that's it, you need sinkholes, you need quests, you need anti-exploit mechanisms, anti-farming mechanisms, there are so many things that you have to pay attention too when creating a game's economy!




I still remember when Guild Wars 2 had an exploit that made farming certain legendary items much easier. After a few weeks, legendary weapons started popping up everywhere! It ruined the whole experience! And even worse is the time where you could use 2 merchants and buy from one and sell on the other one for a profit...

The economy of a game is really hard to do, and always requires small adjustments whenever players find new ways to exploit the system, and that is about to become much much more important in the coming years.

With crypto, all items in a game can have a real-world value! All items, gold, player characters can be bought, sold, traded, rented, serve as collateral for a loan, etc... etc... this whole new way of gaming is just starting and with it many farmers and exploiters will appear, with this shift in the way we play and see games, all game economy adjustments need to be faster and better.

This is the main reason why I have a hard time investing into crypto games, most crypto games still don't have all the economic aspects figured out, just look at EOS knights, there weren't enough sinkholes in place, so the supply of items available only increased more and more and the value of items only diminished more and more! I know they are trying to put into place more sinkholes, but this is a hard battle to get all of it working fine...

This is a new territory we are exploring, it's the wild wild west, and with more complex games it only makes the economy side more complex too, investing in crypto games can have high returns, but it also carries a high risk.




There is one way that I see this new gaming crypto-economy working really well when more complex games are created... if we fuse them with one of the new rising stars of the investment world, Artificial Intelligence!

Yup, Artificial Intelligence can and probably will be used to control all the game economy aspects in the crypto gaming economy. Extremely fast micro-adjustments, an all-seeing eye that no player can take advantage of! It's the only way for it to work if we want massive online crypto gaming to work.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the industries that I really want to invest in after crypto, and the best part is that the best artificial intelligence stocks are, in my opinion, already known to all of us, already known to be great investments! They are either involved in big data, e-commerce, ads, social networks, chip manufacturing, cloud gaming, gaming in general, GPUs, software, etc...

Nvidia, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet(Google), Baidu, Tencent, Intel, all of these stock picks are great players in the artificial intelligence world, and assuming that the crypto gaming world requires AI to work flawlessly, they are great picks for the future!

Other stocks involved in AI are Salesforce and Twillio, which I still need to do more research.

To sum it up, I consider investing in crypto games a really high-risk investment, I'm going to wait for the gaming crypto-economy to be tested before I consider investing in crypto games... In my opinion, the money put into games would be better off invested in AI stocks.

Of course, this is just strictly speaking of investing, if someone wants to buy items in crypto games just to have fun, of course, do it... having fun is part of being alive!

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