Attention and Data! Different Ways To Earn BAT!

Attention and Data! Different Ways To Earn BAT!

By teutonium | Teutonium's Posts! | 23 May 2020






The age of Internet and social media has given birth to a generation of people that like fast information, we want everything summed up and easy to read in a single click! We don't want to spend hours upon hours looking for a little bit of information about a certain topic, this is how most of the millennial generation thinks... I would know, I'm part of it.

This kind of mindset has given rise to one problem... Our attention span has seriously diminished. Millennials are one of the generations with the least attention span, still... it's one of the generations with the highest level of attention and data monetization.

Attention and data are two of the most valuable things in the world right now, forget gold, forget oil (black gold), forget cocaine(white gold), forget all of that... Nowadays, attention and data are where the money is at.


The biggest companies in the world are companies that deal in data and attention, google monetizes our attention by giving us ads to watch, and keeps all the money, all the value that our attention has! Amazon uses ads to sell us products! Ads are the way to monetize attention, ads are used throughout the internet to monetize websites, and to sell products. And we, the true owners of that data and the true owners of that attention get next to nothing in return... or do we?

The paradigm is changing, and fast, people are starting to take the Red pill and waking up from this illusion that ad services and data services are not exploiting them. People are starting to demand to get something in return, this is how good wealth re-distribution happens, distributing to everyone what is rightfully theirs!



BAT, also known as, Basic Attention Token, is positioning itself really well in this new wealth distribution that is happening. BAT is the native token of the Brave Browser, a highly secure and privacy-focused browser that rewards people for watching Brave ads.

Basically what happens is this:

  1. Company A gives USD to Brave for ads
  2. Brave uses the USD to buy the scarce asset that is BAT, only 1.5B BAT will ever be created
  3. Brave starts an ad campaign for company A where BAT is distributed to the people that watch ads
  4. People can either choose to give BAT to websites and content creators, or they can also withdraw the BAT if they go through the KYC.

This new kind of attention monetization is going to revolutionize the world! No more reason to use adblocker, companies pay us to watch ads if they want! No more data mining and trading, all the ads that we watch through Brave are chosen by our own computer through Machine Learning, no data leaves the computer, our computer is our own personal and friendly data broker!

And, in the future, the price can go exponentially upwards with what we are developing in crypto! We are talking about a scarce asset where ad and data value is being held. Imagine if Brave had 500M user, the number of companies that would want to advertise to those 500M users would be in the hundreds or thousands, all those companies buying BAT (a scarce asset) to distribute to the users, and some users, like me, would rather put those BATs earning interest in platforms, platforms like Celsius which I hope to soon add BAT to the accepted cryptos. Using these platforms removes tokens from the market, making the supply on the market even more scarce!

Scarcity, plus users, plus use-cases, plus companies buying, leaves only one way for the price to go! The only way is upwards.

This is why I'm stockpiling BAT, I might not be buying it, but I'm earning it and keeping it. Not sure if I'll ever sell, I might tip some, but selling it, not sure... I'll probably take a loan using it as collateral.

There are 3 ways I'm earning BAT:


The first way I'm earning BAT is through using Brave Browser.

This is the easiest way to earn BAT. Just install it, have the advantage of having the fastest and most secure browser around, and earn BAT while using it. BAT is earned even if one doesn't enter the website, just click on the "x" straight away and the BAT is still deposited on the wallet. The max ads one can see in one hour is around 5, my country doesn't have that many ads, but I'm still earning some.

I've known people that earn around $10 each month just by using the Brave Browser and clicking on the "x" as soon as the ad pops up... In the second it takes to click the "x", they still can see which company is advertising, so, even if the users don't enter the website, the company still gets some recognition.

Installation of the Brave Browser is very simple and fast: Just go to the website, install it and opt-in to Brave Rewards.


The second way I'm earning BAT is through being a content creator on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube.

I've earned a few BATs from Twitter just by discussing things with other crypto enthusiasts. So, I don't have to change anything or do anything! I can just do what I've been doing for 2 years, and sometimes other Brave user sees value in what I wrote and give me BAT.

The third way I'm earning BAT is through being a content creator on publish0x.

On publish0x, people receive crypto, mainly BAT, by creating content or by voting on what other people write. This way I can do what I've been doing for 20 years, read articles and expand my knowledge using the internet, and get BAT in return!

It's really easy to use publish0x, and they got some really solid crypto content in there, out of all the crypto platforms, I would say it's probably the best platform when it comes to specialized crypto content.

I would advise anyone to go to publish0x and create an account.

If you are giving your attention away for free, you are disrespecting yourself by not seeing value in your time, data and attention! Install Brave and start earning!

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