I've been writing for money for 40 years, primarily in the computer industry, and then the internet. I'm a publisher of books (reprints) at Flying Chipmunk Publishing (flyingchipmunkpublishing.com) and have a merchandise store on CafePress (https://www.cafepress.com/kepnersdesigns). I have written two textbooks, and numerous other books, both fact and fiction, such as "Proximity Zero, 3rd Edition: A writer's guide to the 800 stars and 80 planets within 40 light-years of Earth" and "Crossing Point")

The Discord Tip.cc Bot

18 Sep 2021 18 minute read 1 comment Terry Kepner

(last update 2023/6/26) Tipping and almost all other interactions with the Discord tip.cc robot are done via chat commands. They’re simply messages prefixed with, by default, the dollar sign ($). Although the tip command is as basic as "$tip @user am...

Cryptocurrency Dictionary

13 Sep 2021 12 minute read 2 comments Terry Kepner

Cryptocurrency Dictionary Crypto terms that you should know Here is a list of cryptocurrency terms you should know. ----------------------- Abbreviations you will frequently see: 51% attack: A theoretical attack where if an entity gains 51% of the ha...

A Comprehensive Guide to JungleTV

10 Jul 2021 29 minute read 11 comments Terry Kepner

A Comprehensive Guide to JungleTV (last update 2022/1/25) JungleTV.live is a way of earning Banano cryptocoins by watching videos. Enqueuers queue-up YouTube videos (for which they pay bananos) for JungleTV viewers to watch and receive those bananos....

The What’s and Why of Folding At Home

4 Jul 2021 24 minute read 2 comments Terry Kepner

(Last updated 2021/12/10) Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, has said, "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die." Folding@Home, and earning Banano coins, is one way to make money while you s...