A Comprehensive Guide to JungleTV
Earning Banano Cryptocurrency by watching YouTube Videos

A Comprehensive Guide to JungleTV

By Terry Kepner | Terry-Kepner | 10 Jul 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to JungleTV

(last update 2021/9/13)

JungleTV.live is a way of earning Banano cryptocoins by watching videos. Enqueuers queue-up YouTube videos (for which they pay bananos) for JungleTV viewers to watch and get paid those bananos. Normally, the bananos paid are in the range of 0.05-to-0.24 bananos. However, I have seen videos where, at the end, the payout is five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or more bananos.

Because the programming for the JungleTV is not curated, that means you, as a JungleTV viewer, will see all kinds of videos. They range from the expected music videos to cooking programs (Kitchen of Death by a Metalhead -- "put it into the Blender of Chaos..."), skateboarding, skiing, cartoons, home and professional animations, debates, funny out-takes, commercials, fart videos (which are limited to one minute of farting, only), and just about everything else you can imagine. Last night I watched a video of a guy who built a catapult to throw squirrels to protect his garden. They just kept coming back for more "free" flight.

These are the sections in this guide:

1. Introduction

2. Getting Started,

3. Registering,

4. Subtitles,

5. Enqueueing Videos,

6. JungleTV Guidelines,

7. JungleTV Tricks and Tips for Monkeys,

8. Contest Being Banned.

1. Introduction.

There are only a few rules enforced by the moderators. First, no repeating a video several times in succession. Second, no pornography or obscene videos. Third, no videos promoting hate against others. There is more on this later.

Except for the language in some of the rap and gamer videos, the channel is surprisingly teenager-friendly.

Viewers receive bananos at the end of each video, equally divided among the current viewers. However, you have to have watched at least forty-percent (40%) of the video to collect. So if you start watching a video towards the end, you won't get rewarded for that video. Similarly, if you watch most of a video and then leave before the bananos are distributed at the end, you won't be rewarded.

To reduce the stress on the JungleTV server, and reduce the sizeable Pending queue that would result for your wallet, your banano reward for each video you watch is kept in an "on-site" bank. You can see your current balance displayed at the top-left of the screen directly below your ban_address and beside the monkey. This balance will be distributed to your wallet when it either reaches ten (10) ban, when it has been twenty-four (24) hours since the last time the balance was sent to your wallet, or if you decide you want those bananos delivered right now. Clicking or selecting the Balance displayed gives you the screen in Figure 1A, below.

Figure 2a. Balance screen.

Figure 1A. Rewards Balance screen.

The amount of bananos you collect from a video are dependent on several factors, such the video's length and if the enqueuer posting it paid extra to make the video unskippable. Sometimes an enqueuer will spend far more bananos on a video than the basic charge as a way to boost what the viewers get — the higher amounts I mentioned before. As shown in Figure 1A, You can see the banano address being rewarded, the anount of bananos you've received so far, and the beginnings of a the list of the last ten videos for which you've received bananos, in order from the latest one, backwards.

Figure 1B. Banano Balance screen bottom

Figure 1B. Banano Balance screen bottom.

In Figure 1B, you see that you can page back through the videos you've seen for quite a distance. Below the list of video you've seen is a record of the Balance withdrawals made to this account's Balance, including both the automatic and the manual withdrawals. At the end of each entry is a blue box with an arrow pointing out. Clicking or selecting this box will give you Figure 1C, the Block network explorer display from Yellow Spyglass.

Figure 1C. The block tracking form.

Figure 1C. The Yellow Spyglass webpage showing the Block Tranfer information for you to track your payment to your wallet.

This list also has the opportunity for you to track withdrawals back beyond just the last ten that were completed.

To return to the main screen, click or select the JungleTV logo in the upper left corner.

By the way, if a video is "unavailable in your country", you still get counted in the banano payout as an "Active" viewer. Also, apparently, there are occasional "skip" wars where several users keep skipping the currently playing video to play the one they want. Things can get a little ridiculous, but the payout in bananos is very nice.

As with all sites on the Internet, these requirements may change as the site evolves.

Unfortunately, as in all things, there are people who try to game the system to get more than their fair share. These people tried to use scripts and bots to pretend they were watching while they were off doing something else or sleeping. As a result, using a VPN connection is against the rules, and using one means you can only watch the videos, you won't get bananos. Because of people trying to circumvent the rule of only using one computer at a time to watch JungleTV, the moderators have set up an hCaptcha system. A button comes up periodically to see if you are "Still Watching?" Clicking/hitting the button usually pulls-up an hCaptcha that you have to solve, but not always. The hCaptcha can be a bit annoying, but participating in Chat is a solution. More on that in a moment.

On the subject of VPN connections, one spectator getting bananos for watching JungleTV found his payouts seemed to have stopped for no reason. On investigation, he discovered that when he had started his email-client in another window while watching JungleTV, the email-client had started a VPN connection. His browser had followed suit, and JungleTV server had shut-off the payouts. To fix that, once he was finished with his email, he had to disconnect his browser from JungleTV. He had to wait at least thirty (30) minutes before attempting to reconnect. Any time less than that and the JungleTV server assumed the new IP address was associated with the previously block VPN, and an attempt to circumvent the "no duplication" rule.

As you watch JungleTV Chat, you will notice that the number of bananos awarded for the video that just ended, as well as the number of Active viewers, will appear as a message. The number of Active users are those who are participating in Chat or have completed the hCaptcha successfully. The number of Watchers (the eye and number at the top right of the screen, in Figure 2, see below) includes both active users and those who are watching, but for one reason or another haven't registered, completed the hCaptcha, or participated in Chat.

2. Getting Started

When you first visit JungleTV.live, you'll see a screen something like Figure 2, below, except the Monkey, Rewarding ban_, and Balance will be blank.

Figure 2. Default arrival screen.

Figure 2. Jungle TV screen for non-registered spectators.

At this point, you can start watching the videos. If you aren't interested in collecting the bananos or participating in Chat, you're done at this point. Enjoy!

You'll notice that at the right there's a list of the currently playing and the upcoming videos. Above that list are a right-double-caret, Queue, Chat, Announcements, and an eye with a number. The right-double-caret hides the list of upcoming videos, giving you the full window for the video. The Queue is what we are looking at in Figure 2.

If you click on a video in the Queue list, you get a quick summary of the person who enqueued the video, when they enqueued the video, aa way to copy their address, and tip them if you use the Kalium Wallet. If you want to tip them, but don't have the Kalium Wallet, you can use the copy address button to  paste their address into the wallet you do use. Notice that amount of bananos spent to enqueue the video is blurred out (see Figure 3 below).

Figure 3. Video Enqueuer information.

Figure 3. Video Enqueuer information.

If you want to know the amount of bananos that it cost to enqueue the video, and thus the amount of bananos to be distributed to spectators, just hover your mouse or touch the blurred number (See Figure 4, below).

Figure 4. Cost to Enqueue this video.

Figure 4. Cost to Enqueue this video.

Selecting Chat switches out the Queue list of videos with the Chat column (See Figure 5, below). You do not need to be registered to interact with the other viewers.

Figure 5. Chat screen.

Figure 5. JungleTV Chat panels in Day Mode (left) and Night Mode (right)

Users who request videos are highlighted in Chat with different colors depending on how many videos they requested are currently in queue, or have played in the last four hours. Chat Video Requesters with at one to four videos are considered to be Tier 1, and their names are in blue. Video Requesters with five to nine videos are considered to be Tier 2, and their names are either Orange (in Day Mode) or Yellow (in Night Mode). Tier 3 Video Requesters have at least ten videos in the queue or videos that played in the last four hours. Their names are in Green. The user who requested the currently playing video has a coins icon next to their name.

The Chat has an emoji picker for you to use if words are not sufficient to express your opinions.

Continuing, Announcements is, of course, where the latest announcements from the developer (Gabriel) and the moderators are placed. (see Figure 6, below). The eye/number is list of total viewers watching at this moment.

Figure 4. The Announcements screen.

Figure 6. The Announcements panel.

Above the video currently playing is the Channel name, JungleTV, the banano wallet address being rewarded with the current JungleTV Balance below it, a day-night selector button, the symbol "i" with About below it, What's this, Earn Rewards, and Enqueue Video. About, of course, tells you about JungleTV. Selecting Earn Rewards is how you register with JungleTV. Selecting Enqueue Video lets you put your choice for a video into the Queue, but only if you are registered, first.

As time goes on, other buttons might appear.

3. Registering

Registering is very simple. When you select the Earn Rewards button, you get the screen in Figure 7.

Figure 3. Registering.

Figure 7. The Receive Awards screen, to input the Wallet address to receive the Bananos.

Fill in the Banano Address box with the address for your Banano Wallet. This is where the bananos will be sent. There is no fee for that action. You get the full amount of banano each time.

You can also use this screen to unregister from JungleTV by deleting your address from the box. JungleTV will acknowledge that your wallet is no longer going to receive any banano.

The next screen is very important. Before doing anything on this screen, Figure 8, copy your current representative to a safe location. You will want it in a few moments.

Figure 4. Verifying.

Figure 8. The screen to verify your Wallet's Banano address.

Set your wallet's representative to the representative in the address box in Figure 8, above. This is a fake address, and changes for each person registering.

If you are on a phone, you can get a copy of the fake representative's address by pressing the small set of pages to the right of the address box. You can then paste that address into your Wallet's Representative box. You can also press on the QR Code, the address will be displayed, and you can copy it manually.

Some cellphone users have reported that changing the representative on a cellphone gives you an error.

This happens because the connection between the webpage and the server is broken in the middle of the process, usually because the user sends their Browser app to the background and switches to their Banano Wallet app. When this is done, the phone's browser/OS kills the connection in the process and JungleTV gives this error when the connection is lost.


1. Use split-screen mode, if your phone supports it. That keeps the browser while you do the representative change on your wallet.

2. Install the Kalium Wallet on a second device, import your wallet there, and use QR code to change representative instead of copy-and-pasting it. The trick is to never switch applications (i.e. the browser) on your phone/tablet, since the internal error happens every time you switch application.

3. Use a different machine than your phone (e.g. another phone, a computer, etc.) to do the representative change.

You have five minutes to do this before it resets and needs a different address for the "fake" representative.

Once you have JungleTV's fake representative's address in your wallet, the Wallet will indicate the address is fake and ask you to set it to a real representative.

You only need the fake address in place long enough for JungleTV to "see" that you changed it as required. This is to prevent someone from trying to steal your wallet by spoofing JungleTV with your Banano Wallet address — which is public information. A Spoofer won't be able to change your Wallet's representative, which proves you are the owner of the wallet.

Once you have completed the process in your Wallet of changing the representative to their "fake" one, you will see Figure 9, below.

Figure 5. Sucessfull Change.

Figure 9. The screen acknowledging your Banano Wallet address, and requesting that you change your representatives back to a real one.

The button at the bottom saying "Begin Watching" will take you back to the screen in Figure 2, except there will be a small tag beside the JungleTV logo saying "Rewarding" followed by your Wallet's address, as you can see in Figure 8, below.

You are now considered an Active spectator!

At this point you can go back to your wallet and set the representative back to the original you were using. I suggest, if you were using the default representative, that you should change to another. The default Wallet representatives now represent over 50% of the total banano-owners now in existence, counting both the Kaliuym and BananoVault Wallets. The BananoVault node occasionally has gone down for what is assumed to be updating or maintenance reasons.

This is not good for a supposedly "decentralized coin." I suggest either JungleTV as your representative (ban_19potasho7ozny8r1drz3u3hb3r97fw4ndm4hegdsdzzns1c3nobdastcgaa), ban_3batmanuenphd7osrez9c45b3uqw9d9u81ne8xa6m43e1py56y9p48ap69zg, or ban_1gt4ti4gnzjre341pqakzme8z94atcyuuawoso8gqwdx5m4a77wu1mxxighh. They each have an online rate of 100% for the last thirty days. For a complete list of Representatives, visit https://yellowspyglass.com/representatives.

You will earn bananos for watching the videos (except videos put in the queue by the JungleTV program when the queue is empty). You can watch JungleTV on either your phone or your desktop. You can have both open at the same time. If you do have multiple device open on JungleTV, the rewards will only be totaled as if one device were open, not more, so you don't have to worry about being accused of trying to earn multiple shares of the payouts at the end of a video.

If you select the Chat screen, you can interact with other spectators.

You can spice up what you say in Chat with bold, italics, bold-italics, strikethrough, and even typewriter font! Create italic text with one set of asterisks (*), like this: *word*. Make text bold with double asterisks (**): **word**. Combined bold-italics is with triple asterisks (***): ***word***. You can also use the underline character (_) in place of the asterisk. Strikethrough uses two tildes (~~): ~~Scratch this~~. (Unfortunately, this article's webpage doesn't support demonstrating strikethrough). The back-tick ( ` ) switches to ` typewriter ` font: `typewriter`. Backtick is usually to the left of the number one key at the top of your keyboard, you might have to hunt for it. I know I did. If you wish to use any of these characters as a normal character in a comment, you can use the blackslash (\) character to precede them. That is "\*" will simply print the asterisk, "\_" will print the underline, and  "\~\~" will print "~~". 

A few minutes after going to the main page, the first hCaptcha will appear (see Figures 10 and 11 below). You have sixty (60) seconds to complete the hCaptcha to start getting rewards. If you exceed this time limit without completing the hCaptcha, just exit your browser, and restart it to try again when the hCaptcha appears.

After that, you will start getting bananos added to your wallet. You will need to participate in the Chat or periodically finish the hCaptcha that comes up in response to the "I am human" or "Still Watching" alert that you have to click (See Figure 11). Sometimes, the "I am human" or "Still Watching" alert accepts your click without calling up an hCaptcha for you to complete. You will still continue getting banano after clicking the "I am human" or "Still Watching" button if the hCapthcha fails to appear.

Sometimes the hCaptcha comes up just as the video you are watching ends. If you complete the hCaptcha in the time limit, you will still get the  rewards for the previous video (assuming you watched more than forty-percent of the video to qualify).

Figure 10. Are you a human?

Figure 10. The "I am a human" query box. The "Still Watching" query is almost identical.

Figure 7. hCaptcha.

Figure 11. The hCaptcha triggered by the "Still Watching" query box.

4. Subtitles

Once you have videos playing, you'll notice that sometimes one comes on where they aren't speaking a language that you do. The cure, such as it is, is to enable subtitles. If you hover the mouse over the video, you will see the YouTube logo in the lower-right corner with a small cogwheel beside. The cogwheel is for the settings (see Figure 12, below).

Figure 8. Controls display.

Figure 12. The video playing screen with controls displayed.

Clicking or selecting the cogwheel, brings up the settings available for the video (see Figure 13, below).

Figure 9. Settings Panel.

Figure 13. Setting for the video currently playing.

If subtitles are available, you'll see the choice of Subtitle/cc in the settings list. If not, then I'm sorry, but no translation is available. If it's available, select the line that says Subtitles/CC, which gives you Figure 14, below.

Figure 10. Settings, Captions.

Figure 14. Subtitle/cc controls and options.

If there is a line that says a Language or Language (auto-generated), select it. You might be returned to the main screen with that language being subtitled, as I did, shown in Figure 15, below. If so you will need to reselect the cogwheel, and Subtitles again.

Figure11. Subtitle, German, Auto.

Figure 15. Screen with subtitles displayed, and returning to the Subtitles/cc control.

Clicking on the Language, again, should bring up the list of languages available for auto-generation (see Figure 16, below).

Figure12-Subtitle list.

Figure 16. Languages supported by the Subtitles/CC module in YouTube.

Select your language. I scrolled down to English and chose it, giving me Figure 17, below.

Figure13. Subtitles in English.

Figure 17. Screen with English Subtitles successfully selected.

There are other settings in the Settings panel for you to experiment with.

5. Enqueuing Videos

If you have a video you want to show other people, select the Enqueue button shown at the top-right in Figure 2 and 10, above. That will bring up the screen below, Figure 18.

Figure14-Enqueueing a video.

Figure 18. Enqueueing a video.

Almost any YouTube video can be added to the JungleTV programming queue. There is a minimum price to each video you add to the queue. That price reflects the video's length, the number of videos already in the queue, and the current JungleTV viewership. Naturally, the longer a video is, the more it costs. But it doesn't scale up very fast. A half-hour video is about double the cost of a three-minute video.

YouTube live broadcasts are now supported in a limited capacity, with a fixed length of 10 minutes. Only streams with fifty (50) or more viewers are supported, for content moderation reasons.

If there are no viewers when your video comes up to play, you will be reimbursed.

There are four conditions set at this point.

First, Videos must not be age-limited.

Second, Videos, currently, cannot be longer than thirty-five minutes. Longer videos have to be broken into Part one, Part Two, etc. Even more unfortunately, you can't post the parts immediately one after the other. That's to prevent people from enqueueing five- and six-hour videos with the parts all in a row and preventing other vids from being played without paying exorbitant prices in bananos.

Third, videos must not contain disturbing/shocking content. This includes content which is NSFW (i.e. gore/nudity etc), racist, overly toxic, or harmful. Obnoxiously loud videos meant solely to cause discomfort are strictly prohibited.

Fourth, repetitive videos will be skipped by moderators (2 to 3 times per hour if under 5 minutes, each, are sometimes allowed, 2 times every 2 to 3 hours might be allowed, if longer. An empty or short queue may lead to an exception of this rule, with Mod approval). I have seen a 20 minute video that was posted and allowed to play when the que was especially dead one night. If there are videos waiting, such a video would probably have been skipped. Such skipped video pay out to the spectators. The bananos paid by the enqueuer are not refunded.

Also, you can select to have your video unskippable. That is, someone else can't kick your video off playing by substituting their video. The increase in price for interrupting someone else's video with yours is about ten times the normal cost. This is usually seen when a particularly boring or objectionable video is playing (the farts video, for example), or someone has queued several episodes of a show, one right after the other, and viewers want something different.

Making your video unskippable currently increases the cost by a factor of nineteen. Thus, a thirty-bananos (30) video would cost five-hundred-seventy (570) bananos!

After selecting and pasting in your video's address, you will see Figure 19, below. I chose a Baby Metal video for this example.

Figure17. Charges for enqueueing a video.

Figure 19. The cost for a video depends on the options chosen.

As you can see, the video is first checked that it can be played. Then you are given three options. You can add it to the end of the queue for the cheapest rate (in this case, 41.83 bananos), add it to be the next in line in the queue after the currently-playing video (which would cost 125.49 bananos), or skip the current video and play your video immediately (which would cost the most at 418.3 bananos). The prices are good for two minutes, regardless of viewership changes or the length of the queue. There is a countdown timer just below the prices.

As before, you can use copy&paste to send the bananos from your wallet, or use the QR Code to send them from you cellphone wallet. In addition, there is a small box to the right of the JungleTV ban address to use, beside the copy address box, which you can select to open Kalium on Android with the payment data already pre-filled.

Once payment is received, the video is queued or starts playing. Occasionally, someone will make a mistake and not send enough bananos to enqueue the video. Sending the remainder usually is accepted, but only if it is done before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out, or the user dismisses the screen before completion, they take a screenshot of their Wallet Activity screen, the current queue, and note the time. Then contact the moderators, either in Chat or on Discord, in the Banano section, and in the JungleTV subdivision. It might take a few hours (Gabriel might be asleep or at his day job), but the user will get a refund once it is verified.

Note that even if you pay the extra to have your video played when the current one finishes, someone else can pay to have their video play instead, bumping you to number two. This can happen repeatedly. I saw one user complain that his video was lower in the queue after an hour than when he had first queued it.

Plus, if you pay to "skip the current video and play immediately", you, too can be skipped . . . unless you paid to have the video "unskippable." Be advised, that if the video is deemed "unacceptable" by the moderators, they can skip the video, regardless of its "unskippable" status.

Using this video as an example, you could pay more for the video than the price listed, such as paying 100 bananos instead of the 41.83, as a bonus to the viewers. However, be forewarned, that the categories go by how much is paid, not simply by the buttons selected. That is, if  you select the first button to add your video to the end of the que, but then send 200 bananos from your wallet, the video will be enqueued immediately after the currently playing video. If you sent 500 bananos, it would immediately skip the currently playing video and start with this one! Sending 800 bananos would make the video unskippable.

More than one person has accidentally skipped their own currently-playing video by typing in a large number of bananos for the next video they wanted to enqueue. Sometimes it happened only seconds after the first video started playing! 

So, if you have a lot of bananos and want to share the wealth, pay attention to what you are doing or you'll skip your own videos!

Users can remove the videos enqueued by themselves, allowing for self-censorship if you regret your choices or decide a different video would be better to play at this point. If a video is removed before it begins playing, you'll receive a refund.

6. JungleTV Guidelines

The actual Posted Rules are in Figure 20, below.

Figure 20. JungleTV Community Rules.

Figure 20. The JungleTV community guidelines.

The most important rule, really, is, if you wouldn't want your parents, grandparents, or significant other to be reading over your shoulder as you type in chat, or watch a video with you after posting it, then don't say anything, and don't post the video.

7. JungleTV Tricks and Tips for Monkeys

In Chat you can talk to other viewers, or even the moderators. Gabriel, the creator of the site also comes on sometimes, especially when there are updates to the site. Also, as mentioned above, participating in Chat will prevent the hCaptcha from appearing. Regular comments can prevent you from ever seeing the hCaptcha outside of the first time. The conversations are varied enough that this isn't difficult to do. If you're desperate, just comment on the current video.

The first time you enter the Chat screen, you will be asked if you have read the current  rules and agree to them. These should be the rules displayed in Figure Seventeen, above, but they may have changed since this was last updated. They're short enough to take a quick look before you mindlessly click the "I have read and agreed to the rules" line, like I usually do on the internet.

Currently, the names displayed in Chat are either the actual wallet addresses for the viewers using Chat, or a nickname they chose. You can change your wallet address to a nickname by going to the Comment line where it says, "Say Something" (see Figure Three above), and typing "/nick your_nickname" (without the quotes, of course). There is a limit of sixteen characters to the nickname's length. However, you can even include emoticons, or emoji's as some people call them! In Windows, hold down the Windows-key and press the Period-key to pull up the emoji display, You can also right-click in the comment box, and Emoji is one of the choices. On some mobile phones, holding the lock-key and pressing the Volume-up will pull up the emoji display.

To reset a nickname to your ban_address, just type /nick in the Comment box without specifying a nickname.

Popular nicknames have already been snapped up, so you'll need to be creative. Keep the names SFW (Safe for Work). Inappropriate names will be nixed by the moderators as soon as they see them.

If you hover your mouse over a message in chat, a box appears, as in Figure 21.


Figure 21. Tipping pop-up box.

If you click on a chatterer's name, or just click in the pop-up box on the Reply button, that person's name is copied to your message area at the bottom of the chat screen (see Figure 22, below) where it displays "Say something...".

Figure17. Chatting.

Figure 22. Replying to another person in Chat.

If you wish to tip someone Banano, you can either do it manually by selecting the Copy button in the pop-up box (see Figure Eighteen), clicking on their name in the Comment Box (See Figure Nineteen), by clicking on the Tip in BananoVault or Tip in Kalium (whichever displays, depending on where the person's wallet is contained), or, if you are on a phone, scanning the QR Code displayed from your Kalium Wallet). The first two require that you manually navigate to your wallet and send the Bananos to the address you copied. The last two open your wallet, automatically load the person's address, give you the opportunity to type in the amount to tip, and then you can press Send to complete the transaction. Don't forget to unlock your wallet, if it isn't already unlocked.

If you want to see a list of the people who have spent the most Bananos enqueueing videos, there is a Leaderboard at https://jungletv.live/leaderboards. There are two sections. The first shows the Top fifteen spenders in the last twenty-four (24) hours, and the bottom three. The second chart shows the Top Spenders for the last week, as well as the bottom three. Somehow, I managed to do both the day I updated this. (see Figures 23 and 24, below).

Figure19. Leaderboard Top Spenders in 24hrs..png

Figure 23. Leaderboard Top Spenders in 24hrs.

Figure 21. Leaderboard Top Spenders in one week

Figure 24. Leaderboard Top Spenders in one week.

Next, if you go to the Queue view and click on the bananos for the person who requested a video (see Figure Two), you can use https://yellowspyglass.com/search to see how much he paid JungleTV to play the video. Or to tip them for their excellent choice of a video.

8. Contest Being Banned

In the unlikely event you trespass upon the Guidelines and find yourself banned from Enqueueing Videos, participating in Chat, and getting to collect those delicious ban that you will end up spending on queueing more videos, Gabriel, the owner/operator of JungleTV has provided a way for you appeal ( get it, a-peal, peal a banana . . . never mind) that decision. Click on the WHAT'S THIS? button at the top of the JungleTV webpage (see Figure 2, above). Then click on the FAQ choice at the top of that page. Scroll to the bootm of the FAQ page and you will see the JungleTV ban appeal form (see Figure 25, below. It is located at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd93BU8DI4IPtfLGm4YDo1U_DuFrNdoi5PXPVp-Uu5Ggjg6hA/viewform).

Figure 23. Contest Being Banned form.

Figure 25. JungleTV ban Appeal Form

There is no guarantee that the ban will be reversed, but in the cases of a misunderstanding, it is worth exploring that option.

All in all, I have found JungleTV an excellent music channel. People from all over the world participate, and all genres pf music, too. As well as other stuff. I've had it playing on my other monitor (I plugged in a second monitor) while writing this. Some of the videos I haven't liked, so I just lowered the volume while they were on and kept working.

I hope you enjoy JungleTV as much as I do.


If you wish to tip banano in appreciation of this article, my address is: ban_3mjfjirr57da7jnke1o5g4d5zjgcrc3pei4ug84jjq5fjb9663tiz5papx9u

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