S01P09: From Meteorites to Cementaries: Revamping Terraria's Ocean Biome

By Pawel23 | TerrariaDiary | 23 Mar 2023

In this episode, we are moving to Ocean Biome. This Biome is available on the far left and right sides of the map. In my example, this will be on the far right side. Before we move there. I created one more room in my Home.

Why did I move to Ocean Biome? It is preparation for Hard mode. In Hard mode, when you fighting in Ocean Biome. You have a chance (about 1%) to receive a "Pirate Map" for starting Pirate Invasions. Creating Cementary Biome near Ocean Biome helps spawn more enemies in this area and increases the chance for Pirate Map. The final goal is to prepare their Arena and use it as a primary one.

Aquariums Room

Here is the place, where we will build additional room:


One more look at a map:


Final effect:


I created here more ground. We have more places to harvest. 


Ocean Biome

Why here? 

I already wrote the benefits of Build here at the beginning of this post. I could choose, on the far left side or right side. On the Rights side, I figured out, places from Meteors. (Landing Meteor destroys a little bit of ground, look on Gallery below.)

As we have naturally destroyed places near Ocean Biome. It is very good to start to build here. Starting from the right we have Ocean, and later on first Meteor Hole. (I will use it to pour lava here) Between both Holes, I need to level the ground.

Here in the Video, you can observe:

  • How looks information, that Meteorite just landed.
  • One of the quickest methods to clean Meteorites.

Please be aware, that recordings are from different maps. 



If you are interested more in Meteorite in Terraria Game. We already published one more video in Episode 07. I show you in the video how to create Meteor Biome if you need for example for farming purposes and need to move it to the dedicated arena. 






Checking ground:


Preparing to fill this with lava:


Checking, what is just below ground:


Ready lava:


And Cemetery Biome:


Living Room changes

One more change in my home. Living Room will be refreshed with Silver Baar:


First step ready:


Ready, we can compare Living Room (Silver) and Sleeping Room (Gold):



Thank you for Today!


S01P0X ) - means Season 1 and Post X. I will be publishing less/more of this as Seasons. As usual, we have some time more free time, then we have more time to play a game and prepare materials, and less free time, then we have a break. That is why a natural consequence is to follow the TV-Series approach and make it "Seasons". I hope you like it!

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All our Terraria resources I am gathering here with all available quick links.


Own, a screen created from my game edited with Canva Tool.

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