S01P07: The Evolution of my Terraria Boss Arenas: A retrospective look at my early designs

By Pawel23 | TerrariaDiary | 2 Mar 2023

We are back to the standard Terraria series, after the break when I use the game to create content for Social Media. The last episode before that was about "Money Factory". I promise you to describe Boss Arena. Here we go! 

Boss Arenas are used in the Game to fight with Bosses or fight with Invasions. Today I show you my first Arenas. I called this post "Evolution of my Terraria Boss Arenas" as I learn and try to find the best solution, so for sure, I will be showing in fact: Evolution and why I change something. 

I have more Arenas in the Game. As it is not only to fight Bosses or Invasion. Sometimes it is useful for "farming".

Let's check the Initial Setup.

Early design

This is my early design created as the first one for the first fights.


First Arena to fight Corruption connected Bosses and Enemies. 


Later on, the same place will be used to create the "Farm" below. (Farms will be in the next episode) 


My main Arena is near Home. In pre-hard mode it was my most important "Arena" in Hard-Mode I moved to a new one as the main, but I will explain it in the next episodes. 


Meteorite Biome

Arena to fight with "Meteor Heads", they are (can be) a source of Money in pre-hard mode. 


Home - Adding Statue

After some time I was thinking about how to make fights more complicated and interesting and I created my own Event: "Pawel Event", which is activated by activating Statues in the Arena. 


First, try:


Final effect:

(On the right side you can see teleport and blue cable. It is the second side of teleport know from the episode about Money Factory )



Extra design

I will also present to you an extra design out of a series in the same place. As it can be useful "by the way" when you are looking for inspiration.

IEM 2023 Design

Again back to my content for Social Media :) 

After creation two events were initiated by the Game. At the same time, my setup was used for social media and I created by mistake, Terraria Arena ideas :)





Meteor Money Farming/Arena

It is more something for Episode 03 (Factory and Money Farming) as Boss Arena, but creating a so-called Meteor Biome will spawn "Meteor Heads", which formally are enemies and have their own Banner like any other Enemy. In addition, I show you in my "Early design", that I created Arena in one place where naturally Meteor 

Video is available also in Odysee: 

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S01P0X ) - means Season 1 and Post X. I will be publishing less/more of this as Seasons. As usual, we have some time more free time, then we have more time to play a game and prepare materials, and less free time, then we have a break. That is why a natural consequence is to follow the TV-Series approach and make it "Seasons". I hope you like it!

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Own, a screen created from my game edited with Canva Tool.

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