S01P08: Agriculture in the World of Terraria: My First Terraria Farming Experience

By Pawel23 | TerrariaDiary | 11 Mar 2023

I like to play the Terraria game, because on the one side, it is not a simple game with building only possibilities, and on the second side it is not the only game to fight with bosses. I can create my own economy inside the Game and there are many possibilities to play the game.

Today I will show you my first initial Farms. During the sessions, I will be developing it, but similar to "Boss Arenas" I will share the initial setup.

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Let's check the Initial Setup.

Early Farms

This is my early design created as the first one for the first fights.

Near Home farms.

On the left side. I have an additional place for farming and collecting pumpkins. (I need them to craft materials for Pumpkin Moon - Events for sure we will describe more in this series) 


Later on the left I have a place for palms and collecting later palm woods. 


After collecting:


Above my home, on the right side, I have a place for plants:

(On the left, already presented to you Boss Arena.)



On the rights side from the plants, I have an additional place for "gemcorns" to craft respectively: Amber/Amethyst/Diamond/Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz. I did not look to wiki or google how I should create such a farm I would like to just test it. It is my second try...



This is my first try and as you can see it is working:

(it is located below my home)


Above my home and below gemcorns farm: 

Another place for pumpkins:



Later on the rights side, traditional woods.



Farms located outside the Home

Mushrooms farm. The first farm I created outside of Home and used the place, where the meteor landed.



It is what it looks like. I used seeds to create a mushroom farm. I do not need to use seeds for all places. It will be moved to the next block as long as there are proper ones for mushrooms.


Here we have here additional one to farm Mushrooms, which grow only in corruption. I use the same place, where is Boss Arena known from last episode.


In Jungle Biome. We create additional to grow Jungle specific trees and kinds of bushes. (Useful to farm worms required for fishing.)


It has two parts. Underground - before we finish it:


Finished, also we need seeds to grow it:


and the second part above:



Back to Home and First Farm Development

We finished the place for the plants:


The last part is Developing the Gem Tree farm. It is working fine above my home. So we can extend it and farm more:



How big it is before:


and after. 




Thank you for Today!


S01P0X ) - means Season 1 and Post X. I will be publishing less/more of this as Seasons. As usual, we have some time more free time, then we have more time to play a game and prepare materials, and less free time, then we have a break. That is why a natural consequence is to follow the TV-Series approach and make it "Seasons". I hope you like it!

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All our Terraria resources I am gathering here with all available quick links.


Own, a screen created from my game edited with Canva Tool.

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