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By TengoLoTodo | TengoLoTodo | 9 Jan 2022

There is a saying, the early bird catches the worm, well nothing is truer than in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

Imagine if you had scouted the next Ronaldo or Adele and put in place a career path for them to progress to the top. In return that Ronaldo or Adele gave you a percentage of their contracts and IP rights? You would be ecstatic that as they rise you would be rewarded financially, I know I would be.

Welcome to Jetcoin, the platform that bridges relationships between talents and their fans.

The remit of Jetcoin is simple - to enable ANYONE to launch the careers of tomorrow’s superstars. These are the Jetcoin Champions. People who buy into the talent will gain unique rewards from the success of the talent.

Essentially the process works as follows.
  • Jetcoin finds talents to work with.
  • Jetcoin secures a percentage from the talents' contract or agencies/agents
  • Jetcoin releases talents NFT
  • Fans purchase NFT
  • Jetcoin uses money raised to implement talent's career path
  • Talent excels at their chosen sport or entertainment
  • Fans share talents success on social media
  • Both Talent and Fans make money
  • The perfect win-win situation.
JET NFT Viewer
So you bought your NFT of this upcoming superstar, now what?

Welcome to the world of the JET NFT viewer.


JET NFT Viewer


By connecting your MetaMask wallet you can view your NFTs on Jetcoins JET NFT viewer. I was sent one on a test network to review and I admit it was a very pleasurable experience.

I used my mobile wallet and it was fast and easy to use. The GUI was excellent and smooth.



You get the usual pictures.

JET NFT 1 videos


You also get videos which I thought was pretty cool!


JET NFT 1 data


There is also biodata, links to social media, and press releases. If there is special content it would be shown here.

I love the fact that these are proper NFTs storing information and not just a picture!

JET NFT cards feature interactive content (text-photos-videos) that can be updated and airdropped. In the foreseeable future, some JET NFT cards will hold rewards at purchase or be airdropped a later time.

JET Token Info and Tokenomics










Jetcoin football sponsorships

Football is the game of the people for the people. It is a worldwide game and now women's football is becoming more and more popular.

Jetcoin have targeted sponsorships at football.

The involvement of Jetcoin in football is as follows:

1st year - sponsorship of Chievo Verona in Seria A (Italy)

2nd year - sponsorship of Hellas Verona in Seria A (Italy)

3rd year - sponsorship of perimeter banners in 33 EPL games (England)

3rd Year - sponsorship of sleeves for Derby in 4 FA Cup games (England) and perimeter banners.

3rd Year - sponsorship on back of jerseys for Derby

The latest football sponsorship is the most exciting and potentially brings about the most visibility.

Jetcoin sponsored Huddersfield Town yesterday 8th January 2022, and had the Jetcoin emblem on the sleeves of their shirts. This was a FA Cup game and Huddersfield were away to Burnley from the English Premiership. After going a goal behind, Huddersfield came storming back and actually won the match 2-1 thanks to a winning header from Matty Pearson.



The reward for winning is that Huddersfield will play at home against Barnsley in the next round. A game in which Huddersfield are favourites to qualify for the next round.


The Jetcoin logo is clearly shown on the sleeve of number 2 Pipa! 

With Huddersfield Town challenging for promotion to the English Premiership, further collaboration between Huddersfield and Jetcoin, would surely be to Jetcoin's benefit as it would potentially bring the Jetcoin name to millions more pairs of eyes.

However, it does not stop at football, Jetcoin has also sponsored three luxury yacht shows in Singapore, Phuket and Penang Rendezvous) and also Formula One Official After-Parties in Singapore.


Media and Support

Jetcoin can be found and contacted in some of the following social media:



This has the potential to work, but I would like to see more about buying a portion of their image rights. In football terms, this could be deemed to be third party ownership – currently outlawed by UEFA, and hence hard to see how footballers will be able to participate.

For entertainers, it is a perfect place to be.

If Jetcoin cracks the third party ownership, then the token will soar of that I am sure. 

Fueling the world of Sports and Entertainment - © Jetcoin 2021 - Jetcoin™

JETCOIN thank you


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