Tellor Update April 1st 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 4 Apr 2022


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GM Tellor community. Welcome to another Tellor update. Happy April fool's day. 

I assure you there will be no foolery in this episode. So, let's go ahead and dive in. This week we finally deployed on Harmony main-net. We'll be rolling out that marketing plan for over the next week. If you're a reporter there's been a new Telliot release, so you want to make sure you get that updated. Some notable updates include Morphware query types as well as the new query type for the snapshot vote results. Also, notable is the new contributor base that's been adding to the Telliot software, so shout out to the new developers getting involved there, we always love to see that. This week we also released a new sample using Tellor video. Sample using Tellor is a quick bare bones example of a smart contract, that is using teller as its oracle, a really good way to bootstrap any developers that are not familiar with the Tellor code base and kind of help them get from zero to one. So, I'll throw that link in the description below. And then lastly, we'll have an AMA with Polygon next week piggybacking off of last week's announcement that we're fully up and running on there. This will be a great way to get some more exposure for that community who's already been super receptive to our presence on Polygon. So, keep an eye out for that next week. we haven't solidified the dates yet, but once we figured them out, we will make sure to announce them. 

But that does it for this week make sure to join the dev community call next Monday at 10 AM Eastern time if you have any specific technical questions or just want to join that discussion, they'd love to have you or if you want to just drop a question in the google forms link that I'll drop in the description below feel free to do that as well and they'll answer them on the call. But thanks again for watching and we'll see you next time. 




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