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By Tamsay | Tellor | 29 Jun 2022


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Hey Harmony community, my name is Tally I'm a developer at Tellor and I'm here to walk you through how to use Tellor on the Harmony network. There are three main steps to use Tellor on Harmony the first is to create a query id, the second is to import our using Tellor library and the third is to set up our data feed. So, to start we're going to show I'm going to show you how to use the query id builder we have this query id builder that we can use to generate query ids which are sort of a unique hash to represent a certain type of data request and so in this case we're using an accountability check query type and with one argument which is a test which in practice would be a uri pointing to ipfs. And so, what this represents in practice is actually for this contract an accountability check that is called by the Tellor network, checked by the Tellor network to make sure that a certain crowdfunding project has followed through before funds are dispersed in this crowdfunding contract that I've written. And so, after we've created our query id which I've actually algorithmically written in solidity by hashing a sort of representation of the query type and some arguments I'm ready to import Tellor. We can import using Tellor which is a helper contract that the Tellor team has written to help with reading Tellor data and I've actually used this function getdata before to get the last value on my query id from 12 hours ago. I do this 12 hours mechanism and we actually encourage it I Tellor as a best practice to leave time for disputes that could happen on the network. So, after we've imported using Tellor, we're actually ready to fund our feed and we can use this Tellor fund to feed tool which is really cool. It's specifically for spot price query ids which are price feed data types and when we connect our wallet, we can actually set up an auto payment scheme to keep a feed funded on Tellor. All in solidity. And so, while this isn't a spot price query type, I've actually set up using an interface a data feed that reports that provides one tenth of a TRB in rewards every day in three-day intervals. With that we're actually ready to deploy our contract and for contacts for the Harmony community Tellor is already deployed on the Tellor oracle the Tellor auto payment scheme the Tellor token are all deployed on Harmony and the Harmony test net. We can transact and deploy the contract. So, thanks for listening and definitely reach out to the Tellor team if you have any questions, thanks. 




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