Tellor Developer Call June 28th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 29 Jun 2022


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In this call the team went through their status, and then answered some questions. 


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Brenda: Welcome everybody, today is June 28th and this is the dev call. We're going to start with the dev update and then we'll go into your questions. Who wants to get started, I guess Tally you were here first. 

Tally: Sure, I'm working on the Tellor Harmony video walkthrough. If anyone has ONE tokens, can you send just a few to me so I can deploy at the in the tutorial. 

Brenda: I can, I have some, send me your address and I'm going to send you some. 

Tally: Okay, yeah because the test net is non-functional unfortunately. 

Brenda: Oh yeah that is true okay. We'll get some. 

Tally: Okay. 

Tim: So main net tokens? 

Tally: Yeah, I mean that tokens yeah. 

Tim: Oh, nice okay real money. 

Brenda: Okay so for everybody I'm just going to give some background on what you're doing it's basically a tutorial on how to implement Tellor Flex on a different chain. 

Tally: Referenced by the Harmony chain but yeah. I'm going to do that and I might take on Tim's issue on governance they posted last night. And to recap it it's that if the since this there's a trb spot price that's in submit value and if it's someone submits it and it's if someone submits it with the wrong encoding then it will fail and it'd be it could be really bad. Because you wouldn't be able to submit value for as long as the spot prices like you would call it if submit value I mean if you can't decode if somebody value can't decode the spot price then you can't submit a value and it freezes the oracle. 

Tim: I mean it would freeze I think it would freeze like deposit stake and withdrawal stake as well which also depends on the price. 

Tally: Good catch. 

Brenda: Okay and who's doing governance right now? 

Tally: I think it's Akrem, but he's actually at the hospital. 

Brenda: He's going to be out; he might be out for a bit but okay so you're taking over governance then? Just wanted to make sure that two people were not working on the same thing. 

Tally: For sure I'll let him know that I am taking it over. 

Brenda: Owen? 

Owen: Hey, I went through like all the functions for Tellor Flex. A bunch need a test for, testing the min and max values for like uint arguments I mean Tim I talked to him about it and says kind of like case by case but if we just like want to have that explicit in our tests we put those in there right but other than that it's adding there's like some missing tests for a couple functions so adding those. And then I need to make some updates because Tim was some feedback on my request so that's and then I need to do some Diva stuff for a call tomorrow, today so yeah that's probably what I'll be doing. 

Brenda: Nice just mention oh yes, I saw your question about the visibility of the functions and the reason we do that is because this one time an internal function was actually, I think we put it as public or external it was public, I think and it shouldn't have been and would have just like actually gone and reviewed it we should have known that that should have been but it also saves gas like if it's I think public functions are more expensive they can be called inside within the contract and from outside the contract so just looking at those like if they're not being called in like that's why we do the check it seems like such a simple check but it's just something that if we would have done would have quite some mistakes so well. 

Owen: Yeah, the other yeah there was one of them um get like time stamp index by time stamp or something which is a public function but it's for external function but I'm wondering if that's just like used as input to another function because I don't know what who needs that like outside of the contract like who needs that function but anyway so that one and then the other thing too was what was it. I forgot anyway there's nothing I'd asked him I don't know what it was. 

Tim: You're talking about get timestamp index by timestamp in flex that might be just a dependency of using Tellor.  

Brenda: Is that like to get the before or get data before or something like that or the how do we use that? 

Tim: Yeah, it probably it might be used by that and also, I think there is like a git there's like a function that's like the same thing in using Tellor that just directly calls that one in flex. 

Owen: Yeah, because I mean it's not used by any other anything and its external so it's like either using Tellor or some random tool that we have somewhere that needs it. 

Brenda: Well, let's not take it out until we finish all the testing and stuff and because at the end of the day at the end of 360, we will test using Tellor. Okay and who wants to go next? 

Tim: I can go yeah so yeah; I'm working on 360 repo I think it seems to be pretty good so I'm like wrapping up the test and adding the updates to the checklist so that's what I'm working on today and then also I'll I am going to work a little bit on Diva as well really just going through their trial period thing that they have running in preparation for the call tomorrow. 

Brenda: Lauren I'm surprised to see you and I'm glad you made it. 

Lauren: Yeah, nick's already driving right that's why he's going I, let's see on the autopay stuff. I'm working on that issue of writing a script to make sure that the queries funded in it. I was going to reach out to Akrem later today once I got rolling on it but now, he's not here um so I'll redirect those questions then to whoever's available just let me know. Tim, okay I'll reach out to you. 

Brenda: Anyway, let's get started with the questions that they submitted we forgot to answer them last week so one of the questions was how much team how much team holding so I guess how much TRB holding TRB token and then why today 3k trb increase in supply? So, the reason right now there's no new minting happening so the reason the more most likely the reason that any there's any change in supply is because there was a migration and we did check we have the exact hash of the transaction that somebody just migrated their own their old trb token into the new trb token so that's where the 3k came from. It was a little bit below 3k but that was where that came from. How much are we holding? So, right now we have about 70 000 trb tokens and 50k of those are in the treasury so there's I believe there's still space in the treasury so if you guys want to go for the treasury by all means go buy some. But yeah, that's where we stand that's a lot less than five percent I believe and that's the way that it was designed so it's no surprise we use it for paying our paychecks and basically running operations and there's some questions that a question that we didn't really understand it says for new reporters would be cool to have add your own api tool similar to how ChainLink works we're not really sure what it's meant by that. Why the reporter would want to add their own api? I don't know but. 

Tally: I think they're referring to like ChainLink has a functionality where you can like literally plug in like a url into solidity and request it but we probably couldn't do it that way well actually we can and we have we have a data spec for it api query I'm just not sure we gave it enough publicity. But yeah. 

Brenda: So, that basically is just being able to get a spot price? 

Owen: No, I mean any api so like basically like if you want weather data you know like you could get some like weather api you know and so it has like a specific format Lauren made this entire thing. 

Lauren: Yeah, it takes out the work of writing out a whole separate data feed for it so it's okay for like hackathons and stuff is what the idea was for it. 

Brenda: But it's coming, thank you for your question. I guess now we know hopefully that's what you're talking about and we do have something. 

Owen: And definitely reach out like in the dev channel or anything if you want to if you have a specific one that you want to help you know get help setting up so. 

Spuddy: Yeah, as always. 

Brenda: And also, so the next question is how will how will new updates happen will be only possible through forks and that's the answer is pretty much yes we're taking away the upgrade of the aggregate upgradeability so yes it will be happening through forks. Do you want to expand Tim? Since you're working on that aspect. 

Tim: I mean it will so it'll mostly work like similar to Uniswap where when Uniswap upgrades you can still use their old contracts or you can move on to their new contracts so when we if we ever upgrade the oracle after 360 anyone who is already using the 360 oracle, they can just keep using it and the same the same incentives are still at play you can still stake to be a reporter and dispute and everything so yeah when we upgrade you can just move over to a new oracle. But then there's one exception on each main net where our trb token exists, we have minting so much minting, like 4000 trb to the oracle every month. When we upgrade on a Ethereum mainnet we would want to transfer that minting power over to the next oracle. The way we are upgrading on Eth mainnet the oracle address is we're using, we're actually using the oracle so we're at we can report the current oracle address and so then we have a function that we call like, it's like begin upgrade process and then after seven days you call that same function again and then if the oracle returns the same address as it did seven days ago then you can upgrade to that new address. So, yeah, it's a very governance minimized system and now we're using the oracle for this little I guess governance aspect. 

Brenda: Awesome the next question is thank you for expanding for Algorand how can we raise awareness of the project or instead to incentivize adoption and then largely I don't know and then there's some that's the name of the username oh okay I was not sure what well I mean we originally expanded to Algorand because they actually gave us a grant to expand over there and have a very different structure in terms of how the language works from solidity so we actually have a slightly different architecture over there but it's actually I think it's pretty safe we are on maintenance we I mean we tell people we're there there's I feel that a lot of the user base or new projects you know it we're going to go wherever the demand is and if we actually hear people that are interested we will definitely support them u thank you everybody I'm going to stop recording now, yeah see you next week. 

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