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By Tamsay | Tellor | 17 Dec 2022


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Nick: Hey everyone, welcome to Tellor Dev call December 12th so yeah exciting week ahead of us I know it's like starting to become the lull period kind of before Christmas so probably not too much exciting things go because even like some calls and stuff you're starting to see people say like I'll put push it till next month but no it's exciting for us you know we're continuing to work with a bunch of people we're continuing to sort of make strides there. Yeah I guess we can just kind of get started with what people are working on and just kind of go from there so I guess we'll start Ryan as things going? 

Ryan: Things are going well mainly focusing right now on these how to sample using Tellor video that Tim produced. I'm going to try to chop that up and get it out as soon as possible and then on top of that for Dev stuff I'm so working out some graph kinks and still looking at the the voting page. 

Nick: Okay oh can you add some stuff to the fun to feed yeah so just on the form inputs so spuddy realized this when people were doing it so like we should just have some minimum thresholds like the smart contract will allow you to put anything in but like it on the heartbeat it shouldn't be less than every five minutes. If you want a price update every minute on it you know like you should have to like go through some extra steps like it's just you know some especially some people were even putting like 10 seconds and then it just gets weird. 

Mike: Not a heartbeat that's a heart attack. 

Nick: Yeah it could and then same with the price threshold the price threshold should be at least one percent on the price you know some people I put 0.25 percent like this is crypto like you could literally you know like you couldn't even like it wouldn't even be a disputed value so you know if the price was a hundred and you put 100.5 like nobody would even dispute that yeah like it would it technically was could just make it so you could just submit all day every day and then same with like the good window so just think through like what they should be like because there were some like you know like for AmpleForth you have to submit what within the hour for it to be considered a good price some people were saying like I want it updated every hour but you have to submit within the next 30 seconds. And that one's you know like make that one at least like five minutes depending on what the other ones are but you know like at least of at least a minute or you know probably say even like five minutes just because the problem you hit there is that like with block times. So you know Telliot it gets the says okay it's good to submit package the transaction send it off to submit you know let's say that takes 30 seconds then it takes 30 seconds to get included in a block that's a minute right there you missed the window and you can't claim so yeah. So that's anyway so if you are out there watching this video and making price feeds just think hard about how the stuff actually works. If you want something crazy fast like updating every five seconds like you're going to have to write something custom for it it's just a whole different ball game so. All right but. 

Brenda: Would anybody even submit because it will be it could be very expensive on gas. 

Nick: So it would be way too expensive on gas yeah I mean you would you would be blowing through tons of money you know and then same like if the tip has to be with it yeah and also too like make sure that whenever people do the like a tip amount like that's in trb so like there should be like you can't put .001 trb as a tip like nobody's ever going to submit for that like you know it's fractions of a penny even over on polygon even if it is greater than the gas price like people won't submit for a penny it's just not going to happen so on some feed that you don't know so yeah those things are I think just easy changes we can make. 

Ryan: So like do like a minimum one trb you think? 

Nick: Or not one TRB you know like even 50 cents in US Dollars would be like a good start okay like just just so it's not some ridiculously low amount that's just like clogging up the data feed and wasting our time cool okay thanks. Tally? 

Tally: Hey I'm working on debugging the mimicry implementation I'm actually working with one of their devs we're looking through my python implementation together to figure out what's why it's producing the wrong number for the main algorithm that they want to report I also repaired the GitHub actions for over the weekend for the automatic updates to the monitor and I'm going to grab Italian issue I have free hands. 

Nick: So do you want a quick hackathon project I thought would be a fun one yeah so like I want to see it's a good try and go through the docs use like the new sample using Tellor like I know we haven't done that in a while like since 360 like one of us goes through it yeah puts a project on chain I thought it would be fun to do like a chat GPT or Unchained so you could just ask it a question and then you throw the answer on chain. 

Tally: Okay yeah that's interesting. 

Nick: It would be fun probably get a little you know like I you could you should be able to do it in what an hour or so yeah like so you probably won't be able to build an in Telliot support for it but it could just be like a manual entry yeah and then yeah so that would be cool. 

Tally: Should I write a data spec? 

Nick: Yeah very quick data spec okay it's like return the response so it would be like a string and then you'd have to like turn the string into bytes to submit it okay on chain but then yeah then Tellor is a on-chain API for AI. Cool yeah nice thanks yeah so I think but then also the big reason we want you to go over it just we made a bunch of changes to using Tellor and Sample using Tellor. Yeah so like make sure you're using the the newest one and just going through the docs like does it still work like an npm install and all that yeah so don't like pull the repos to it like how the docs say and make sure that things changes are kosher okay so cool thanks Tally. Akrem? 

Akrem: Hello made some minor changes to the tip listener code added a test that shows that one-time tips are not being suggested after submission I think that was an issue the code change that the code change that I made was actually or small numbers it was causing it to always meet price threshold because it was turning it into an end from afloat so it's always being zero so it's always being met so fix that added a test for it as well I guess for the agenda for the week I'm going to do there's a get data before so I'll have to finish in the packed code for the binary search there's a missing getter going to add and still working on trying to deploy to devnet and interact with the contract also check out the bridge they suggested it's a little bit it's not a simple just passing through tokens though all right and that's it. 

Nick: Yeah good luck and but no thank you thanks and dude did they ever get back to set up calls on a more recurring basis or I don't think so. 

Akrem: No not yet but I was actually thinking of thinking a little bit. 

Nick: Okay cool I know they want us to use like the Discord more so yeah that's right yeah, it's private channel so it's okay same thing cool Tim? 

Tim: Yeah so I'm circling back to the python Tipper bot oh yeah for mimicry yeah I just had a simple like python tipping script set up but going to add the actual functionality we wanted like the automation cool yeah that should be that'll be cool. 

Nick: Okay nice and then Spuddy is this a new camera angle do I have audio sure you do it's very gamer it's nice cool. 

Spuddy: I I've been trying to make sense on Friday I did a little bit of reorganizing to make sense of what's going on the test Nets to make sure that we're running things in a way that we can find problems and I'll know what address says what problem and I can run the timestamps tip scanner on just a couple of addresses my Mumbai reporters have I mean I've been submitting for all kinds of tips online but I haven't claimed any of them so I got to work on that I think so that when new tips come in I can make sure that that's all working correctly I got to clear out the old stuff. 

Nick: Nice cool and then I think Akrem was Ryan's going to fix like some of the threshold stuff for the prices and whenever people are tipping through the fun to feed but just make sure you're testing some of that stuff out with him whenever he pops that that up I've still. 

Spuddy: I've still yet to make my first funded feed okay yeah if anybody's going to go over that I let me know. 

Nick: Okay somebody should so Brenda? 

Brenda: I'm good Mike I'm going to continue going through the docs so I don't know if anybody else is touching them today let me know so I can Repro. 

Nick: When are we deploying ciscoin or binance chain who wants to deploy with me yeah let me know maybe we can do it this afternoon or I'm free tomorrow do you like at one or something or are you oh yeah I might be at lunch but all right we can yeah so for those listening will you we got reached out too but I so we got Binance chain ciscoin there's a bunch of evm chains and basically we're at the point now with Tellor like we've made it so easy to deploy on a lot of these trains we're just going to go do it you know it'll take Brenda and I a half hour to an hour to deploy on these chains. We're reaching out to them you know they're going to make us sort of part of their Oracle integration and then if there are users over there that want to use it it's super easy for us to spin it up so you know basically the basic requirement we can launch on your chain if you're an evm and you have a bridge that's kind of about it. So we're going to start this this kind of new strategy reaching out it's just going to get us sort of better known in the ecosystem yep. 

Mike: I got a call with Phantom after this and then Stark net on Thursday cool and do those two next week yeah. 

Nick: No it's super simple so that's awesome all right anything else guys or questions. 

Mike: Hey I have my first Dev update all right I fixed the API the circulated Supply API that that tally built to add in our new gnosis safe all right like a two minute long task that took me an hour of banging my head against the wall but it was very satisfying so yeah why did you take it out we would have a bigger market cap because I'm still in conversation with coin market cap to get them to fix the circulating Supply on their website and you know I just I mean this is the calculation we used was you know the total Supply minus our multi-sig minus the dev share and you know now we have 30 000 tokens sitting in another wallet so I just wanted to account for that so. 

Brenda: Okay perfect yep so Akram do you want to do like one last packed walkthrough like next week not one last one but like meaning last month before Christmas and the holidays. 

Nick: Yeah let's do it later in the week we'll schedule yeah. 

Brenda: Or next Tuesday because I think I feel like it has a lot to do like he was like the bridge finishing off a couple of functions deploying still testing I'm guessing so I mean I feel like if it's Friday you know I don't know maybe too soon but you tell me. 

Akrem: I mean I'm yes I'm down for whatever but obviously I'll have more stuff to show next week than this week well I'm not sure even how much I'll have to show this week but at least next week I'll have more to show you more so there's a full walkthrough. 

Brenda: Maybe like Tuesday or something sounds to get to me look at my calendar. 

Nick: Okay perfect cool questions Ryan? 

Ryan: Yes got some good questions in the Deep questions for the team channel on Discord so thanks for utilizing that how does Tellor staking compare to chain Link's first iteration of staking also oh yeah we'll start with that one. 

Nick: Yeah I mean I from what I know about chain link staking so I kind of answered it so chain link staking is sort of a joke at the moment I think it always is planning to be a joke but that's up for debate basically you just stake your tokens and they're locked for a whole year but and you get five percent on it you can't get you can't get slashed as far as I know I think like the only way you get slashed is like if the whole ethusd feed goes down and technically but there's like no possible no practical way of how it even makes sense but basically yeah they're right basically they just started something to where you deposit a stake and then you can get rewards but that that's the idea in in the future I think that what they plan on doing is like you can stake and then it's used to secure the feed in some way like which I don't even know but basically like all you people can lose money if the reporters misbehave which if the reporters misbehave then the money goes somewhere they haven't necessarily made it clear so yeah but they asked about the first iteration so it's just basically they're just getting rewards for their stake with us the difference is that you need the stake to be allowed to report and that's how you earn Stakes or well you can make some money if you just stake two percent yeah if you get two percent of the tips which or tips and end time-based Rewards but it's not locked forever and there is a mechanism where you can lose your stake if you're actually submitting yeah for us the only reason we pay you that is because we want you to be like a reporter on standby so yeah to vote and to not have your points on a sunflowers exchange well for us it's part of the system right it's not money making strategy or anything like that for us it's not it's not his main purpose for sure yeah but it was super lame chain linking staking didn't even pump their price that much so it's yeah it was like a Zelda news event I guess I know you're supposed to announce staking and then your price goes up that's why you do staking it's a beautiful thing because it forces people to buy your coin maybe it doesn't work because they've been saying that staking was coming for so many for so long that's all they talk about is like staking is coming so then it actually happens and there's some traders that are like price is going to pump right I've been waiting for this for years and then it didn't so they're like it's already broken yeah it's like the having like bitcoin's going to the Moon because of the Habit then the having comes and nothing changes and you're like oh damn it but anyway did not link trading advice I don't trade anything yeah and if you have anybody out there who would be willing to do I would love to do a deep dive on chain link staking but I don't know enough of I don't know who would ever do one so maybe we can dig through the code at some point thanks cool. 

Ryan: There was a follow-up I mean basically he also asked did you catch Sasha's talk on trb at the blockchain Oracle Summit do you have any thoughts on that? 

Nick: Yeah she really liked it right what was I mean I think the big critique on of Sasha's then you know like we're obviously we're friends with Sasha like she did I was hanging out with her there she did she was the host on the Deep dive for Tellor she went over it I think some of her critique of Tellor you know or is that you do have to wait if you want super fast data you can have some time to wait and then and then and then our market caps a little bit low which is fair so you know not really much there.  

Ryan: Thanks for those questions that was cloudy thanks for popping in there we got one from Chewie who asked I read the new article by hacker noon and noticed mention of a partnership with the nft prediction Market mimicry what are the details on that? 

Nick: What are you doing over there Tally? 

Tally: Yeah we're implementing kind of a complex algorithm called Tammy and so they want two things they want this algorithm called Tammy which is sort of hard to explain and maybe I don't know I don't know if it makes sense to explain it but it's just an nft measurement. 

Nick: It's the market cap basically right or the floor price. 

Tally: It's like kind of a variation on the floor price but so there's that and they also want the market cap yeah and that's the data that they want they wrote it in typescript so I sort of had two options which was like host an API we don't really like doing that we're not in infrastructure specialists so I they wrote it in typescript and I re-implemented it in Python and have been debugging it with the member query team itself so it's coming. 

Spuddy: The goal is to create a price feed for nfts that can't be manipulated by someone who just buys a whole bunch of nfts or sells or puts a whole bunch up for sale changing the floor price you know anybody that holds a lot of an MFD collection can make the floor price whatever they want so you got to figure out a way to prevent gaming that. 

Nick: Yeah but they're a cool project hopefully should be launched q1 next year so we're looking forward to it all right well thanks everyone yeah see you guys next week bye guys. 

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