How much did SafeMoon scam out of you

By Aldeneer | Techrosmos | 28 Jul 2023

Recently I was thinking about Safemoon, a crypto token that was very popular worldwide. Their shills reached reddit, wykop and twitter. They overrun every threat about it and tried to defend it from every inch of criticism. They thought it is a revolutionary project that will be big and will turn crypto world on its head, they were right but not in the way they liked. It was a big project and it was well known... as a scam!

safemoon reddit community

But first a little bit of trivia: Safemoon was created by SafeMoon LLC in 2021 and was launched on BNB chain. CEO of the comapny is Braden John Karony. It is currently worth 0.000000004932$ (almost nothing lmao). It has migrated to the v2 version and it is worth 0.0001687$ now (not much better to be honest).

safemoon price

According to website that I will link in the sources, SafeMoon's CEO "took away" 35,501,718 US Dollars from investors. 


Thats a lot of money. He sent it to his kraken and binance and coinbase wallets.


He also still has some money left on chains.

on chain

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