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Benefits of yield farming on STARS/OSMO pool [Not a financial advice]

By Aldeneer | Techrosmos | 28 Jan 2022

Osmosis is the top DEX for cosmos hub related cryptocurrencies, but you probably know that already, what you might not know is that you can earn a pretty penny yield farming there. It is also very easy! But this article is not a tutorial on how to farm there, this is an opinion piece on why you should farm on stars/osmo pool.

It has great APR (116% on 1 day unbonding, 186% on 7 day unbonding and 233% on 14 day unbonding).

It gives you free STARS tokens for 76 epochs, up to 5k stars in 1 day unbonding, 15k in 7 day unbonding and massive 30k in 14 day unbonding! Current price of STARS is 0.6$ which makes it a very good place to put your crypto in! [Not a financial advice]

apr rates and bonus


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