NEW Audiovisual generative NFT limited to 10k. Minting live!

By AutomatorB | Technology spotlight | 9 Mar 2022

ASTRUM is a complex audio-visual generative NFT art project created in p5.js client side JS library based on principles of processing. collection is limited to 10,000 unique constellations. Each ASTRUM has a specific musical progression and shape.

By minting an ASTRUM NFT you get a unique hash generated and saved on Ethereum blockchain.

The hash is then translated to 12 numerical attributes, each representing a part of musical progression, such as BPM, base MIDI, steps, and pitch multipliers.

All the attributes, as well as frequency amplitudes are used when calculating color ranges and angles of constellations. The constellations will change

slightly over time as they can flow in space.

Floor price: 0.05 ETH


View at

Mint ASTRUM NFT directly

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I'm a blockchain enthusiast and i appreciate every satoshi earned, believing in a massive pump.

Technology spotlight
Technology spotlight

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