Happy days Eth is back baby - Opinions

By mohdfajas | Technical crypto | 9 Jul 2022

Hey guys welcome back everyone to a new post. Hoping everyone is doing well and fine. It's a happy news for everyone in publish0x community that Eth is back as tipping currency replacing statera. I haven't had the experience of other tokens in publish0x as the time I was joining AMPL and STA are the available tokens.

It's a win win anyway as statera is deteriorating more and more in it's value and is not a favourable token for everyone. In other hand Eth is a well known and most probably second best known crypto after Bitcoin and most of the new coins are based on Ethereum network.

Also because we are in a bear market and value is plummeted the rewards given out will provide more value in the future if you are to hold it for some time especially for regular and consistent creators in the publish0x community so it a win win situation for everyone involved.

As for the statera in your wallet it will be converted to eth in its given value on 19 July if you keep it in your wallet
or you can withdraw it if you like.

Thanks for checking out my post and see you in a bit

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Technical crypto
Technical crypto

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