BitcoinCash is the Present. Start Using BCH Now.

By Debesh Choudhury | TechFuture | 30 Oct 2023

People always try to be futuristic.

People feel proud to call themselves futurists.

Is it necessary to always look at the future?

What a mistake to write and speak always about the future!

I feel sorry for all futurists.

They may often miss the present timeline.


Can you afford to neglect the present time?

  • It has become a fashion to predict the future.

The future becomes a hyped destination in terms of knowledge and technology.

  • Showcasing the future takes attention out of the present time.

  • The present is pushed to the back seat in the timeline.

Can you afford to neglect the present time?


The present needs more attention than the future.

  • Who takes your attention from the present to the future?

The so-called futurists do this in their propaganda predictions.

  • These are all hyped distractions in the present.

  • The more you can detect the hyped distractions, the more you are immune to propaganda politics.

It is always good to look around and learn from past mistakes.

The present needs more attention than predicting the future.

Be present in the present time.


BitcoinCash is a cryptocurrency that serves you now.


BitcoinCash is a hard fork of Bitcoin and has the power to complete transactions faster than Bitcoin core.

  • BitcoinCash charges minimal fees per transaction.

  • BitcoinCash is suitable for peer-to-peer payments.

  • BitcoinCash burns less electrical energy per transaction.

I have used BitcoinCash several times to make payments for buying commercial items from online merchants.

BitcoinCash is a cryptocurrency that serves as a payment currency now.


BitcoinCash is the present.

  • BitcoinCash transaction fees are as low as a cent.

  • The time for completing a BitcoinCash transaction is also small.

BitcoinCash proves to be a viable fintech instrument for peer-to-peer payments.

  • BitcoinCash is a useful cryptocurrency for the present.

Forget about the top two cryptocurrencies that charge you high fees and take a longer time to settle transactions.

Don't wait for the future, start using BitcoinCash NOW.



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Oct 31, 2023

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Debesh Choudhury
Debesh Choudhury

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