Publish0x for down for around 3 hours, what was the cause??

By Gaurav | tech | 24 May 2019

Namste free hydro seekres this is gaurav

So glad to see publish0x back to work!!!  well the site was offline for around 3 hours and those were the toughest hours for the developers, well we must thank them for there efforts to put site back to busssines.. i mean as computer science student i know it take a lot of effort to find and fix bugs and those guys were doing it non stop for more than3 hours😓

So, you might be thinking what happend to your fav. Site?? Well, i have joined the offical telegram group there we got update from admins and many other authors 😃 mostly author like me were saying "there might be hydro overflow in the site"

Another author said the cause  of this breakdown might be coffee spilled on the keyboard

and the admins were saying it's a common problem in centralised website, one of techie said there might be a error in .htsaccess or maybe the permission of the file are wrong..

well i don'nt know much about this website stuff just know html(which is not codeing language) css and xml , just know how to install wordpress but as a student i have a intrest in all this website stuff , so i would we glad if the publish0x team could tell what happend and more importantly how they fix it.  and that would the best post on publish0x(about tech,cause they feature only crypto) which could be fearuted

and this was the 1st time i saw another error other the ERROR404, HOPE WE WOULD NOT SEE ANY OTHER ERROR IN FUTURE



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for the love of tech, i created my own site in this blog i am going to repost and write some more about tech

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