1 month of free crypto returns

1 month of free crypto returns

By Austras | Tech-tutor | 20 Aug 2021

I've been going around the web during my vacation last month and picked up several places to gain free crypto, I've already wrote an article about it.

You can find my article rating and showing all free places to get free crypto here

Some of these I've made an initial investment with to get started, like with CRO as I am using their debit cards for my everyday purchaes and have gotten returns based off of that. Here's how the returns look:


Most of these were fairly free of effort and some, such as xMoons required a fair bit of effort. However the return was worth it as I managed to snag up a grand total of $350,13 of extra revenue by doing this. 


I also tried to make some free gains by moving money over to DOGE, that didn't work.

Most of the free cash I got I've cashed out or used alrady, I used a fair bit of it to upgrade my Crypto.com card as that is a really nice income stream, it makes use of my expenses I would've had anyway and helps me build a better future by investing a bit of it instead.

Lastly I got a chart showing you how the money came and went of my wallet during the course of the past month.


Once again, if you want to make a bit of extra crypto try this yourself.

If you want a list of all free crypto Take a look at my article about it

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