Free Cassandra Certification Voucher for attending a webinar

Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL database and I'm sure you've heard of it if you follow the world of data. If you work or plan to work in the Big Data space it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn Cassandra. DataStax developers have webinars every week or so. They go through training exercises on different Cassandra techniques, plugins, etc. If you attend any of their webinars they will send you a free voucher to take either the Cassandra Admin or Cassandra Developer certification test. When I received the voucher I took the Cassandra Developer certification. After about a week and a half of training, I was able to pass the Cassandra Developer Certification. 


**Note you do need to attend the entire webinar, you also may be able to win some Swag!**

Datastax has a webinar coming up on April 7th: 




Datastax Training:

More Cassandra Training: 



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Training that is free or Low cost
Training that is free or Low cost

It's becoming more and more necessary for persons in many aspects of a business to have some knowledge of programming. I know since working in Data the two languages I've been asked to learn are R and Python. I've since learned those languages, but I continue to train myself in other techniques using various online training. There is a wide range of free to paid training online, I'll be posting a few that I use.

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