Build the Game Snake in Python with this free Course.

I've been trying to find fun, free, courses I can do to continue to learn and build on my current Python coding knowledge. I came across this course in Udemy, and was excited to dive in. It teaches you the code to build 10 different, basic games using Python. The course itself takes about 2 hours, and the instructor explains things well in my opinion. You will need Python installed and the instructor uses the Pycharm IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  He doesn't go over the installs of them, but you can find information at the sites below.


Python Download: 

PyCharm IDE Download: 


Udemy course: 


I hope you enjoy the course, I know I did.


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I work in Big Data, Love playing video games, and often go to conventions. I mainly post free or inexpensive training and about video games.

Training that is free or Low cost
Training that is free or Low cost

It's becoming more and more necessary for persons in many aspects of a business to have some knowledge of programming. I know since working in Data the two languages I've been asked to learn are R and Python. I've since learned those languages, but I continue to train myself in other techniques using various online training. There is a wide range of free to paid training online, I'll be posting a few that I use.

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