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11 May My Technical Analysis

By Biologist25 | Tech. Analysis | 11 May 2022

$BTC 🛡The 32.9K and 29.8/28.8K levels on the daily chart are supports that can be looked at for response. As long as the macro structure does not change, reaction purchases will continue to be an opportunity to sell from above.

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I said $ETH first 2711 and then 2500's, all targets were achieved. We see that it drops to 2200. In the coming days and weeks, we will see that demand areas are descended. I think there will be buying opportunities in the next 1-2 weeks, maybe even this week.   LTC Graph For $LTC, we are very likely to see the 64 and 41 USD range important long term buyers step in as buyers here.   AAVE Graph I think long-term investors will step into the accumulation zone past the $AAVE 92.7 and 59 range.   ADA Graph The target price of the H&S structure, which is established at $ADA 0.38 and 0.28 peaks, and the support region from the past, I think we will see that long-term traders are looking for long here as well.   LUNA Graph $LUNA I explained the decline from 100 USD to 50's step by step, but of course there was a different situation here and the UST stable coin crashed yesterday and LUNA lost a lot of confidence.   It can meet the urgent need for blood in the range of 22-11 USD, and this will also be a long-term buying place for this coin.    

Take it easy,  

It is not investment advice.  

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Tech. Analysis
Tech. Analysis

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