exciting to see more blockchains connecting the dots.

exciting to see more blockchains connecting the dots.

By teamhumble | teamhumble | 14 Dec 2018

well hello there publish0x beta!

this is incredibly exciting, two years ago i was introduced to the world of the steem blockchain, my first blog powered by a blockchain. of course i had seen and used bitcoin a little because i wanted to understand how i could use this as a digital worker online. obviously, the volatile cascade journey of that over the last two years left a lot to be desired, too much politics, high fees, price manipulations -- just a real old mess.

fast forward a little thou and i remember seeing the 0x project (sick website) and the design won me over, i think i ended up in the highs swapping out my 0x for some lovely headphones in december 2017 (please don't hate me) which have served me well for the rest of this year (but i believe my partner still has her 0x) kinda wish now (hindsight eh?) knowing that you were going to have a social blogging platform kept hold of them.

i always loved the design and big vision of 0x, it made sense and because it was trying to 'be all things' (i was focused on the gaming component mainly because i thought it could have been massive for e-sports/smart contracts) i bought some, thinking i'll sit on this and flip it when things start to take off, then of course, i started to see the ethereum blockchain get more and more congested with stupid cryptokitties and i kind switched off from looking at anything ETH based.

but this interests me, this is choices, this is options.

ever since being on the steem blockchain i've been thinking about what it means to spend your time on a variety of blockchains, that's the future of working virtually right (potentially) -- spending your time in the networks you feel comfortable in where you can provide value and feel invested in by the skills you have with a remote audience, i kinda see it as our remote worker sidechains future.

for instance right now it's possible on the steem blockchain to delegate some of my power to projects i like, to support them, so they can support other authors and i can get a supporter style commission on top of that. the important thing is the money stays in and floats around the system, it allows us to 'level' up and take a drip feed of our intention off the top (on a basic level at least)

i played with other ethereum projects like peepeth but just could not get that 'attraction' energy going, maybe that 'first mover advantage' that platforms like twitter has really is hard to shake, i mean i don't get any incentive to be at twitter but here we are, decades later still accepting it, i'm not sure what's going to topple that when 'all your friends are there' -- maybe we just need to work harder at broadcasting the message of adoption and we need to seek out what the questions and frustrations are with the current centralized platforms and approach them head one as a collective.

i'm super happy to add publish0x as another part of the 'sidechains' utility belt of services that i'll be using going into 2019 -- sure, the funds are great, the upvotes, the communications and networking but more than that i think we will see a massive amount of working going into the aggregation of data across these different blockchains, after all, if we really think deeply about this, this is potentially the new modern day digital curriculum vitae right?

- where i spend my time.
- who i work and interface with.
- what project successes did i have.
- what my involvement was
- how much have i been paid/etc

that's exciting to me because that opens up a real immutable real time, real world index of you as a digital worker! no more badges or gentrification worries if your co-working space is gonna close down and you cannot afford rent, with this, you can keep it moving and jump in and out of the latest and greatest project that has a bit of resources to share with it's remote digital worker base.

sorry, this was rushed but i've got an incredibly busy day, i'm just really happy to be here! thanks to @connecteconomy for the headsup!


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