Life in Stardew Valley

Life in Stardew Valley

By team SISU | sisu | 2 Jul 2019

Easy To Get Lost For Hours.

I have always been a huge fan of games which manage to simulate aspects of real life, Stardew Valley does just this and I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable.

The game is really not complex, although much complexity is ingrained within it in a sense. It is intriguing or engrossing how the mundane of your everyday tasks become meaningful as you begin to build and begin your new life.

Especially it is ironic how you can lose track of time while playing all the while all of your actions become negotiated in terms of the appropriate times during in game days to perform certain tasks. To name a few of these tasks or the ones I am presently the most preoccupied with:

  1. Landscaping, clearing weeds.

  2. Farming, making and watering plots.

  3. Chatting, learning to forming relationships.

  4. Fishing, levelling with useless fish to sell.

  5. Mining, breaking lots and lots of rocks.

  6. Questing, me making up stuff.

If you wish to learn more about Stardew Valley, there’s a good review on the Polygon website; it expresses well how the game steadily becomes more and more rewarding as you begin to form an emotional connection with the environment, your work and with the community.

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