The Steaks Are High! - Get in on This Rare Opportunity
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The Steaks Are High! - Get in on This Rare Opportunity


SharedStake is a decentralized Ethereum 2 staking solution that allows users to stake any amount of Ether and earn additional yield on top of their ETH2 rewards.

 - SharedStake

Please note before watching the videos below: The two videos below should be used as supplemental material to help you decided whether to invest your crypto funds in the SharedStake protocol. Full disclosure. I was offered some SGT to create the first video and have since been offered an advisor position with SharedStake. I fully support the protocol and what they're doing, however, this is not financial advice and I always recommend you do your own research. With that said, the videos will go in order that they were created so please watch the first video for a look around SharedStake and the second shows updates to the site and info about an upcoming airdrop. ENJOY!

What is SharedStake?

SharedStake is a decentralized Ethereum 2 staking solution that allows users to stake any amount of Ether and earn an additional yield on top of their ETH2 rewards. SharedStake users earn staking rewards every block, whether you hodl your stake or decide to invest your vETH2 in supported Ethereum dapps.

SharedStake is very similar to protocols like Lido and Rocketpool. However, there are some things that make this protocol unique. For example, if you deposit into the VETH2 pool and decide you'd like to get out, SharedStake does not lock you in. You can simply unwrap the ETH and move on. Other projects don't have that ability natively integrated.

It is important to note that the project founders of SharedStake are anonymous. While this can be common in the crypto and DeFi community, it's important to keep in mind, as some anonymous projects have had issues with rug pulls in the past. Definitely not saying this is the case with SharedStake, however, it's always good to mention it. Again, please remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose. On the other hand, the team has a high-profile advisor named Alex Mesmej, and now, myself as well. I have great confidence in the protocol and we're all excited to be building this great project with one another.


How to Use SharedStake

SharedStake's new, easy-to-use website has made the whole investment process quite simple. They've really done a nice job simplifying the protocol's user interface. To use SharedStake, there are really only two places on the app you need to really pay attention to in order to get started earning some nice returns - the "stake" and "earn" tabs.

In the Stake menu, you can swap ETH for vETH2. Simple right? Doing so will allow you to go into the Earn menu where you can then choose to place your vETH2 into the corresponding pool. At this time, there are also two other pools. An SGT-only SharedStake governance token pool, and an SGT/ETH liquidity pool token based on Uniswap. If you're looking to invest in some SGT to stake your claim to these great returns, make your way over to Uniswap and grab yourself some now. You'll also qualify for the upcoming airdrop if you stake enough within the eligibility period.


The Upcoming SharedStake Airdrop

As announced earlier, SharedStake will be doing a second airdrop of 52,000 SGT (about $2,000,000) for the community. This second airdrop will reward stakers on all SharedStake pools between March 10th and April 10th, 2021. The airdrop will be a linear distribution that's based on the value you stake. In other words, the more you stake, the more you'll get.

The airdrop will reward participation in all 3 pools. That means that you can choose whatever pool you want to be in and if you meet the minimum requirement, you'll be part of the airdrop! To qualify for the airdrop, make sure you're invested with the following minimums in whichever pool(s) you choose to stake your funds:

  • Pool 1 (SGT): 42.5% of airdrop allocation - Min holding for eligibility: 10 SGT
  • Pool 2 (SGT/ETH): 35% of airdrop allocation - Min holding for eligibility: LP token equivalent to 10 SGT + equivalent ETH
  • Pool 3 (vETH2): 22.5% of airdrop allocation - Min holding for eligibility: 0.10 vETH

You can learn more about the upcoming SharedStake airdrop by reading this article on Medium.


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